Celebrities Use the Internet, Too!

A report broke recently informing the public that Cheryl Cole was interested in Internet dating sites. This should open up a whole new world of online dating. As anyone who has been in the dating pool for a while knows, Internet meetings started as something that only the truly desperate engaged in. More people then started using this tool to find love, but not very many talked about it. Now, however, you can find just about anyone online, including celebrities. The Internet is seen as a great option to find one’s significant other. And, who knows what the future will hold. It may only get more popular as time goes on.

Celebrities entering the online dating world could mean great things for all of us. Perhaps, for example, a ‘normal’ person and a celebrity might meet up and fall in love! Can you imagine how the tabloids would react to such news? There has been an incredible amount of publicity surrounding Cheryl Cole’s statement; that would all be taken to new levels if a love match was announced. And, simply the fact that people are reacting so strongly to this shows that there is something missing in the dating world. Even celebrities have trouble finding lasting love. Internet dating should be a real possibility for them, even if it means setting up exclusive dating sites.

Can you think of any site that you feel would be a good match for Cheryl? Is Match.com the best option well you can check out some match.com reviews, because there are so many people available to speak to? Or, do you think she would like eHarmony, where she would be matched with people that are similar to her? MySingleFriend is also an option; her friends could have their say in who she dates! Cheryl might look at our reviews of various dating sites to determine which is best for her.

Regardless, the whole situation is quite exciting, and it hopefully means great things for the future of Internet dating, and people that use internet dating can find love, and much much more, as for me I love the fact that you can find love online with a little help from WOWDate UK.