Cell Phone Spyware: I Hear Your Calls

Is He Cheating on You? With cell phone spyware, I can hear your calls and see your text, and even track your location. So can your friends, your spouse and complete strangers. Cell phone spyware makes it possible for anyone with the ability to download software to your phone that allows them to have almost complete access to your phone 24 hours a day. All in less than five minutes. Obviously your phone has to have Internet access before this can happen to you.

Track Any Cell Phone

After installing cell phone spyware on your cell phone, anyone can listen to your calls when you’re at home, driving in your car, in a meeting or at the beach. With your phone turned off,some spyware will even turn on the speaker on your phone so that a listener can hear everything being said in the room.Including when your phone is on the night table beside your bed. Spouses are using this technology to catch cheating spouses in the act. The location tracking capability of this software is allowing parents to keep up with their children’s whereabouts.

Keep Enemies Close and Phone Even Closer

To keep this from happening to you, keep your phone in your possession at all times. You may trust your best friend to use your phone but if he or she puts it down long enough for someone else to get access to it they could bug your phone without your knowledge. You should also password protect your cell phone with a password that only you know. If you password protect your phone it may inconvenience you some but it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you think your phone has been bugged, ask your service provider to check it for you. It could cost you several hundred dollars to have spyware removed from your cell phone.

Protect Your Privacy

It’s more important than ever to protect your privacy with the way we use our cell phones. Some of us would be lost without them. After loading cell phone spyware on your cell phone, a person could get access to your bank account if you use online banking or a 24 hour phone teller system. Your medical information and any other private information is at risk with cell phone spyware because I can hear your calls.