Cell Phones for Emergency Use Cheap

Cell phones for emergency use for cheap are easy to find. In fact, you might even have a free option to use right now, without even realizing it. Having a mobile device can help ensure safety during scary or harmful situations, where you need to make a call to police or to 911 for help. In this article, I’d like to take some time to go over some really cheap options you have with cellar phones to use in the case of emergencies.

Discontinued or Expired Phones: Have you ever allowed your service to expire on a wireless plan? If so, you probably thought it was completely useless. This is untrue. Federal law mandates the devices still be able to dial 911, so they can be used in the case of emergencies. While this doesn’t last forever, it will give you time to use your expired plan and phone to make emergent calls, when your safety is in question. This is the best free option you have available, unless you can qualify for government assistance with mobile devices, which isn’t likely to happen. If you don’t have an expired one, you can buy a used cell phone cheap, sometimes for a buck or two, and use it when it’s a matter of life or death.

Prepaid Plans: Tracfones and other prepaid mobile plans are available for around $20 per month. These are sometimes referred to as pay as you go plans and are pretty cheap, in most cases. I personally use a $30 prepaid plan from Straight Talk at Wal-Mart, as it’s all I need for the month to send texts and make calls. On this particular plan, there are 1000 minutes per month, which allows me to use it for personal use as well as during emergency situations. On other plans, you can buy as little as 30 minutes to use for the month, making it something you can use only in the most dire situations and circumstances. Do some digging and see what plans are out there that will fit your needs and lifestyle.

Free Up Money – Discontinue Landline Use: Perhaps you’re looking at it the wrong way. Since you can find prepaid plans pretty cheap with substantial minutes, it might be cheaper to get rid of your landline telephone and use only mobile services. You will find that the price is often the same or less and you’ll have a telephone on you at all times for emergencies. The only problem with these is 911 tracking. Many people falsely believe that the second you dial 911 dispatch center, you’re being tracked and the police dispatcher knows right where you are. Since most just use triangulation to locate the caller, it’s not always super accurate. Just keep this in mind and if you have to dial 911, give your location first and describe your situation second.

Cell phones for emergency use cheap are available.