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Certified Personal Trainer Hot Career Field

Being a Certified Personal Trainer is a hot career field for anyone that enjoys being fit and teaching others to be fit. Today there’s a lot of emphasis on looking good and being in shape. A fitness craze has captured soccer moms, actors, professional athletes and people that are just looking to lose weight. That kind of demand is creating a market for certified personal trainers.

Getting a Certification

Getting certification is the starting point for becoming a certified personal trainer. The number of schools that certify personal trainers is growing as the market for personal trainers grows. Do some research to find a good school and get enrolled in classes. A certification from a highly acclaimed school can be a big boost to your career.

Looking Good

Having a good background in physical fitness is another key to becoming a certified personal trainer. If you love to exercise and are physically fit you could become a personal trainer and make a great salary by building a clientele of dedicated customers. Looking strong and fit is the best form of marketing for anyone looking to enter this hot career field.

Building Name Recognition

Having experience as a high school, college, or professional athlete and being in excellent physical condition, could help you earn a high salary as a certified personal trainer. This is a great opportunity for well-known athletes that continue to work out and stay fit. Being a well-known former professional athlete could help get your career as a personal trainer started because people know you and want to be associated with you.

People Person

Being certified, fit, and experienced in athletics could help you greatly as a personal trainer but the most important part of certified personal trainer may be the “personal” part. Being a people person can help you take advantage of this hot career field. You don’t have to be the best trainer in the world if you’re good with people. The ability to make people fell good about themselves could make you a hot personal trainer.

Potential Careers

One potential career opportunity for certified personal trainers is as a fitness club instructor. Fitness clubs are a huge business that needs qualified fitness instructors. Another career path is to work as a cruise ship fitness director. As a cruise ship fitness instructor, you get to travel to some of the greatest vacation spots in the world while you’re working. The only thing better than that would be to work at one of those great vacation spots as an on-site fitness instructor. Of course the ultimate career move would be to have your own business in your own fitness store or as a fitness trainer that makes house or office calls.


People of all ages and stages of life begin exercising all the time. That makes for a very big, renewable pool of potential clients that need and want a certified personal trainer. You can start a career as a certified personal trainer by training friends and family and then branching out from there. Who knows, you could end up as the hot certified personal trainer to the stars because certified personal trainers is a hot career field.

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