Change of career ideas

Even mid-career is a career-restart , possible at any time, with a further development, provide new opportunities for many suddenly. But the sectors in which I have the best chances? Good question

Warentest Foundation has been investigated for the new special issue ‘Careers 2012’ the opportunities for career changers into five sectors.


In trade: Foundation Warentest special ‘Careers 2012’, 7.80 €

Energy Consultant

This job is suitable for career changers: system engineers, architects, engineers and chimney sweeps, plumbers, painters, roofers and building materials dealers.

Opportunities: The demand for energy consultants is high and will continue to increase. Reason: Nearly 40 percent of total energy consumption in Germany by buildings. This consumption would reduce the federal government dramatically.

Education: training for energy advisors with different priorities, such as energy-saving building.

The qualification can be acquired by weekend or distance learning. (Eg chambers of architects)

Cost: about 1000-3000 €.

Estate agents

Suitable for: everyone. Real estate brokers have to be communicative and sociable, to build up a network. Poise, talent and selling power of persuasion is an advantage.

Opportunities: A huge industry in which much money is being implemented. Its core business is the hiring, procuring and managing buildings and homes.

Education: Is not required, the above mentioned properties are not learnable. Anyone who is serious, but can rise in a course for certified real estate broker. From one-day training course up to the twelve-month correspondence course, there are many training opportunities. (Eg Chamber of Commerce training centers / colleges, community study SGD Darmstadt, Grundig Academy)

Cost: about 1000 to 2500 € for certificate courses.

Social Media Marketing

Suitable for: Twitter and Facebook, professionals, career changers with a background in marketing and public relations. A Social Media Manager organizes a company’s presence on the Web 2.0.

Opportunities: Corporate Social Media is becoming increasingly important, thereby creating new jobs as coach and Twitter community managers.

Training: Training for Social Media Manager, or experts in social media marketing, community management, etc. (eg part-time at Cologne University, ILS correspondence school, VHS)

Cost: between 50 € for an adult education course (this often fully booked months in advance) and 1600 € for a three-month online course.

Elderly care

Suitable for: Anyone who has a university degree, physically fit and mentally stable.

Opportunities: Very good, demand is growing almost daily, outpatient and day-care nursing facilities provide a virtually constant.

Education: A need specialist in geriatric care remains three years in the professional training, but there are also shorter training for nursing assistants, and nursing assistants. The entry into the industry manages but also with countless two-to twelve-month qualification in nursing and care sector (eg charities, vocational schools).

Cost: None, very practical education. Who umsattelt in the elderly, receives content (1300 to 2600 EUR gross).

Online Training

Suitable for: people who are continuing even other, for example, with courses at the community college. Most have already passed the newcomers, such as office staff, the knowledge of MS Office, etc., as an online coach but only via the Internet.

Opportunities: Well, since the transfer of knowledge via e-learning increases, 55 percent of all large companies train their employees online.

Education: Continuing education as a ‘Certified Live Online Trainers’, ‘tele-tutor training.’

Cost: Courses between about 450 and 1200 €.