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Change Your Wedding Menus to Treat Guests Explicitly!

Everyone wants to stand unique in his or her wedding ceremonies. Only a few wins the game! This is because we pay more attention and put more efforts on decorations, reception, bridal dress, photography etc. Somewhere in the corner, the food menu is overlooked. A similar wine bar, cocktail servings, main menus thus, looks a routine. It is very easy to arrange a romantic dinner in Dubai as your in-suite wedding reception, but isn’t that too outdated? If your wedding ceremony is nearing up and you are bored of the usual wedding menu, look no further!

Ask your event manager for better menu deals; sit with your event management company and your caterer together to reach one mutual point. If you think, morning wedding could have no better options than a brunch menu; why not go for an evening reception and high tea menu. For a few great menu ideas, read below. I’m surely our innovative ideas would help you in keeping you updated menu trends of the year 2014. Harry, a chef at a five star hotel chain says, “When it comes to food, I deal it technically! I still renew recipes and introduce new serving styles, tastes and flavors to front up the odds”.

Wedding menus can get classy and very near to taste but with the passage of time, couples are asking for anything but different. Therefore, you could take a risk of hanging roasted lamb with rice in it. Guests would enjoy the experience. But timing matters! You can’t let go the importance of event time, anything that’s arranged in a wedding is very relevant to time and weather. To make your wedding event an unforgettable experience, reception time is the key factor, we can definitely not serve barbeque steaks in daytime.

Here are a few menus to excite your guests on your wedding ceremony. I’m sure your guests will love it absolutely.


If you wedding is just early evening and you are inviting your guests on a high-tea, having a donut cake at your wedding is no big deal but what if we arrange a donut bar at your wedding reception? Will your guests not love the option to choose their favorite flavors whether it be dark chocolate, cinnamon, blueberry etc. For this, you don’t have to contact any casual caterer or bistro Dubai, you must try to ask a brand chain to arrange a donut counter or a bar at your wedding reception. Flavors are always endless and who wouldn’t love the idea?


Offering soup is optional, only if the weather is harsh. But if you go for it, be different! Keep soup shooters offering different kinds of soups? Your guests will love having soups if the weather is cold to bear.

Cocktails and Smoothies:

Forget about sodas and lime drinks, serve your guests fresh fruity cocktails and smoothies to pick a start at your wedding. You must refer some of the cafe in Dubai and seek out for their services at your wedding reception, you must ask for a counter so that guests could go for their preferred flavors, but your assigned staff must serve them individually.


One thing you shouldn’t deny, there is no age to eat chocolates! Almost every age group loves it. And yes, I’m talking about having chocolate counters with chocolate menus only. You can arrange a chocolate counter to offer edible chocolate menus along with some name printed chocolate giveaways as wedding favors.

You can add to the above-mentioned list, you can add a lot of things but make it different. There are a lot of Dubai restaurants, offering catering services too. Why not ask them to arrange cute engaging food counter or bars at your wedding reception. Be different!

Read this article to know more about how to stand different while arranging food menu in your own wedding. Read further to have great ideas and options. Just a little tweak could do wonders!

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