Characteristics And Mannerisms Of Haitian Men – The History Of Haitians

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Characteristics and mannerisms of Haitian men

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Just like writing on men from other regions, writing down the characteristics and mannerisms of Haitian men may seem pretentious. What is one to rely on when writing about men from Haiti? The easy route is always to regurgitate what has been said before and is commonplace and to vomit it in writing. This of course means that one will have to repeat the stereotypes that have been there for several years now. This of course, is the case with Haitian men as it is the case with men from any other geographical location.

Importance of culture

In order to be able to fully capture the characteristics and mannerisms of Haitian men, one would need to look at the upbringing and environmental surrounding. One may also need to take a critical look into the culture of the people from Haiti so that one can then be able to fully appreciate who they are. This is because culture is an important aspect which is very instructive when one is growing up.

Therefore, if one wants to understand the characteristics and mannerisms of men from Haiti, a look into their culture may help one to do that. Without taking a glimpse of a people’s culture it becomes difficult and even hypocritical for anyone to say that they fully understand why people from a certain place behave in a certain way.

The history of Haitians

It is also important for one interested in the characteristics and mannerisms of Haitian men to dig into their collective past and find out what makes them who they are. History and culture are related and are both fundamental elements that define people coming from different regions.

It is worth noting that Haiti was the first country in which there was a successful slave rebellion. Also worth noting is the fact that even after two centuries after independence, one cannot say that there is racism or any discrimination in Haiti as the case has been with the United States of America. The country has also not had any political turmoil as many other countries have.

The country is also known as the land of Voodoo. This was introduced in Haiti by the African slaves who had been brought there to work on the plantations.

The characteristics

Like already mentioned, the characteristics and mannerisms of Haitian men are difficult to tell especially one is of the opinion that each man must be judged on his own. Haitian men are said not to take time seriously. As such, one has to be patient with them. The men are also said not to buy anything without haggling over the price. The men are said to love having fun and entertainment. Whenever the men meet, they always shake hands. They also do this when they are departing. The men consider greetings to be very important and anyone who does not greet the other is always seen to be on the wrong.

There are many other characteristics and mannerisms of Haitian men but one must be careful not to rely on these generalizations to judge all the men.

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