Charcoal Water Filters – What You Need To Know

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If you’re looking for a water filtering system, you’ll definitely stumble upon charcoal water filters. You’re probably aware that drinking unfiltered tap water might have some negative effects on one’s health, especially if the water isn’t boiled. Sometimes running water doesn’t taste good, so if you’ll make a cup of coffee using that water you won’t be satisfied with your beverage. You can solve the mentioned problems using charcoal water filters.

How Does Charcoal Water Filter Work

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Charcoal in the water filter is almost the same one that’s used for grills, etc. Before it can be utilized as a filter, it’s treated with oxygen. Oxygen creates millions of tiny holes in the carbon, so the surface area per gram is really huge. After the oxygen treatment, the substance is classified as activated charcoal and is ready to be placed in the filter.

When the charcoal is prepared, it can be used to adsorb some substances from the water (it also can be used to filter gases). You should be aware that activated charcoal adsorbs only certain substances, e.g. those which are carbon-based. Some other substances will pass through it without any problems. As I’ve mentioned earlier – the surface area is very huge. That gives countless places where chemicals will attach to the surface while passing near it. Once the substance is attached to the surface, it stays there. That means, that the carbon surface able to trap other substances reduces over time due to many chemicals attaching to it.

What You Need To Know About Charcoal Water Filters

You know that the active surface reduces over time. Because of that you need to replace the filter on a regular basis. You should be able to find out how long you can use the filter, or how many times you can fill the device with water while reading the product’s description.

What You Need To Remember When Buying Charcoal Water Filters

Water filter is just a part of the whole water-filtering system. Because of that, before buying any water filter you should possess a device that will filter the water using this filter. For instance, a lot of people decide to buy a coffee maker with charcoal water filter. When you have the device, you need to buy a water filter that is appropriate to this device. You won’t be able to find any “universal charcoal water filters” – every company that produces devices that utilize water filters (e.g. coffee makers) has its own filters. Before purchasing the filter you need to be sure that it’ll fit. The instruction of the device should clearly state which water filter you need to buy.

You can purify water using charcoal water filters. This method of filtering water is one of the most popular ones, especially because charcoal don’t trap minerals that are naturally present in the water. Those filters, however, are able to efficiently remove some contaminants from water. You need to bear in mind that those filters ‘ignore’ some of the impurities – they won’t make your water perfectly pure.

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