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Charities Giving Away Free Computers to Low Income Families and Students

You may not realize it but there actually exists charities giving away free computers to low income people who need a computer for school or for their work. All you need to know is the eligibility requirements and who to approach to get yourself a free computer or laptop.

The CRC – Charities Giving Away Free Computers

The CRC, which is short for Computer Recycling Center, is one of the world’s largest recyclers of used donated computers. The CRC relies on charity and donation for it’s computers but once it gets them volunteers take them apart, fix and clean them and then give them away for free to the people who need them the most. If you are low income and are a student or are looking for work then it is likely that you can get a free computer from the CRC.

The best way to find out is to simply visit their website and check their eligibility requirements. You can then call or email them for more information and to make an application. Provided you meet the requirements, you could have a new computer sent to you within a few weeks. If you live near one of their centers then it could be even sooner as you will be able to pick it up.


The WCE – Charities Giving Away Free Computers



The WCE, short for the World Computer Exchange, is similar to the CRC in function but it instead operates globally. The CRC also tends to take more donations from large corporations such as banks and universities who update their computers by replacing them. Since this happens every couple of years the WCE gets quite a lot of fairly new computers pretty regularly. Similarly to the CRC, the best way to find out more is through their website, just be aware that the requirements for getting a free computer are a bit different to the CRC as the WCE is global and not just in the US. As such, they do not use the US definitions of low income.


How to Get a Computers for Schools from Charities Giving Away Free Computers


If you work at a school that desperately needs new computers to teach it’s students then you can receive aid too. Most of the time the government-funded budget for such things is just too small and getting computers for schools in low income areas can be almost impossible. In this situation going to a charity is the best option you have. Both the WCE and CRC frequently help out schools from low income districts and areas so if your school fits this description then you should get into contact with one or both of these groups.

You also have the option pressuring the local government for increased funding for information technology and this can be especially effective around elections where the pressure to give funding is the greatest. One way of doing this is to start a petition and to have all of the parents you can sign it. The numbers of parents pushing for such a change around election time can be quite effective. Computers for schools is a hot topic in 2012 and you should take advantage of this to the best of your ability.


A Way to Get A Free Computer Without the Need for Charity and Donation


There is an alternative to charity for getting a free computer and this is using a community trade group like Freecycle. These groups encourage members to give things away that they don’t need. Then when they need something they can request it from the other members. This works so well because the people getting free things are also providing a removalist service. it also works well because of the “what goes around comes around” mantra.


The Need for Charity and Donation – How You Can Help


You may be reading this not as someone who needs a computer, but as someone who is the position to give a computer (or many if you represent a company). If so then you are in a very gracious position as charity and donation is the biggest driving force behind the provision of computers to the needy. Charities giving away free computers need your help to keep doing what they are doing for the disadvantaged.

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