Charities that Give Financial Assistance on Christmas

Charities that Give Financial Assistance on Christmas: Find One Now

Finding charities that give financial assistance on Christmas is quite easy but information about it is limited. As you can observe, Christmas is the time where almost everyone has the heart to give their excess things to the poor. Basically, during this time overflowing freebies and gifts from food, things to financial assistance are donated and given away. Thus, a lot of charitable institutions organize a special program that is only held during this special holiday. With that being said, if you’re looking for some institutions where you can seek financial assistance, here are some of places you can go.

Salvation Army

The non-profit organization, Salvation Army is known to help people in dire need all year round. Whether you need food, clothing or financial help to pay your utility bills, this non-profit organization can help. However, you have to present proof that you belong to a low-income household. Furthermore, if you need financial help, you should also present a copy of any public notices such as disconnection notice or eviction letters. In some occasions, their program known as Adopt-a-Family may also help you financially. But, most of the time this program is centralized on giving goods and commodities.

Aside from those mentioned help given, they also give free toys for children of low-income families through their Angel Tree program. To learn more about Salvation Army, you can visit their official website which is You can also check this website to find Salvation Army branches in your locality.

Association of Jewish Family and Children’s Agencies

Not because you’re not Jewish, you cannot seek help from this organization. Actually, the Association of Jewish Family and Children’s Agencies is one of the charities that give financial assistance on Christmas that is nondiscriminatory. Meaning, your religion does not affect your chances of acquiring needed help. Basically, the Jewish community doesn’t celebrate Christmas but they still consider this event as the time to share some blessings. With that being said, this Jewish association has various Christmas programs depending on your locality. Some of their widely known programs are Embrace-a-Family, Get Caught Caring and Holiday Basket Program. To find a branch or agency in your area and learn about these Christmas programs, you can search their website

Local Churches

You can also check your local churches. Most donations are given to local churches during holidays. They hand-out food or hot meals, clothing and other merchandises to needy families that knock at their doors. In rare occasions, they can give money. However, they would require you to present some documents such as bills and notices. Although, you cannot expect your local churches to help you financially, they can help you find charitable institutions that can help.


There are other organizations both government and private that can help you during Christmas season. But, most of these organizations can only help you in kind and not financially. United Way, Toys for Tots and Feeding America are some of the institutions or programs you can rely on if you’re looking for quality food and toys for your kids during this holiday. With that, finding charities that give financial assistance on Christmas can be easier once you have reliable information to lead you to the right track.