Charities that Give Financial Assistance on Thanksgiving

What are the Charities that Give Financial Assistance on Thanksgiving?

There are numerous charities that give financial assistance on thanksgiving. To find one, you can research on the subject matter or inquire at any social workers office. Research is a very tedious task. To make things easier, this article would give you some names of charitable institutions that can help you on this holiday. Without further ado, here are some organizations that provide financial assistance during thanksgiving.

Catholic charities

Searching the internet regarding this topic, majority of the search results would be Catholic charities. This is actually not new information. It is a given fact that the Roman Catholic church has the largest parishioners worldwide who unites and help those in need.

Going back to the main topic, The Society of St. Vincent de Paul is one of the largest charitable organizations in the US that can help you. This non-profit organization has helped millions of people. Whether you are in need of food, clothing, shelter, medicine or help in paying your bills; The Society of St. Vincent de Paul is there for you. Basically, they help all year round. But, during special holidays like Thanksgiving, they receive sufficient donations. Thus, chances of acquiring financial assistance are high. To learn more about Catholic charities, you can inquire at your local churches. They can give you more information about organizations that can offer financial assistance.

Other religious charities

Catholic churches are not the only religious groups that you can seek financial assistance. Salvation Army is a Christian organization that helps low-income families throughout the year. During holidays such as Christmas and thanksgiving, they have special programs that are allotted for these occasions. Most of the time they help in kinds but you can also seek help financially in cases when your income is not enough to pay your bills. You can further update yourself about Salvation Army by visiting their official website

Jewish Communities are also known to help people in need no matter what their religion is. There are numerous synagogues that you can inquire for information. In the website, you can view various agencies and programs that provide financial assistance during special holidays.

Non-profit organizations

Another form of charities that give financial assistance on thanksgiving is non-profit organizations. One in particular is North Fulton Community Charities. This organization doesn’t only help during holidays but they are known to provide various services during thanksgiving. They provide food, clothing vouchers and financial aid for individuals who are unemployed or belonging to a low-income household. You can visit their website for more information.


Thanksgiving like Christmas is a time not only to give thanks for your blessings but it is also a time where people find means and ways to share their blessings. Privileged individuals have their own charitable institutions where they donate. As mentioned earlier, there are numerous institutions that can help you during these days. However, to be able to find one, you need to do your part. You can either ask a social worker, your local parish or research online to find more information about charities that give financial assistance on thanksgiving.