News Charities that Need Help on Christmas Day

Charities that Need Help on Christmas Day


Charities that Need Help on Christmas Day: Share your Blessings to Them

Privileged individuals can share their blessings by donating to charities that need help on Christmas day. Although Christmas is the birth of Christ, it has become a long-lived tradition to celebrate this day with families and friends and by giving gifts to each other as well. Whether it is in a form of cash, goods or even volunteer work, this is the time of the year where privileged people all over the world deliver an act of kindness to those less fortunate. One can do this by reaching out to charities whose main goal is to make Christmas for unfortunate individuals worthwhile. If you’re looking for a charity or foundation where you can donate and share your blessing, this article is the right one for you. With that being said here is a list of foundations that help low income families during Christmas day.

Foundations that helps children

As you know, there are thousands of foundations around the world where each of them has various objectives. As for this part of the article, you’ll learn what foundations are established to help and cheer children by giving out toys, school supplies and other things which are meant for children’s usage.

As of today, when it comes to charities that need help on Christmas day; Toys for Tots, My Two Front Teeth and Operation Christmas Child are the foundations that aims to provide happiness to underprivileged children. Toys for Tots, as the name implies, give out toys to children. Same goes with My Two Front Teeth. Donations can either be in form of cash or toys which you can send at any of their branches or you can do it online. Operation Christmas Child also gives out toys and other goods by placing it in a shoebox. To learn more about how you can send shoeboxes filled with kid’s stuff, you can visit the foundation’s official website.

Foundations that help low-income families

There are also foundations that help families. Most of these foundations are helping all year-round. Whether it’s Christmas or not, you can always seek help at any of these foundations. Salvation Army, Red Cross, Christmas SPIRIT Foundation and Interaction are some of the widely known charitable institutions you can send your donations to. Most of these foundations provide food supplies, clothing and personal care items to families below the poverty line. In rare occasions, they also help out financially. Thus, your donations can either be in cash or in kind. To learn more about the donation process, you can either visit their local branches or check out their official website.

Foundations that help the elderly

At the moment, The National Holiday Project is the leading organization that is centralized on comforting, cheering and helping the elderly. Basically, they visit nursing homes and hospitals during Christmas season. Their main advocacy is to relieve old people from boredom and loneliness especially those that do not have frequent visitors.


As you can observe, there are various foundations that are established for varying purposes. Depending on your chosen cause, you can choose from the foundation listed above and other charities namely Hunger Plus Inc., Angel Tree and many more. To find more information about charities that need help on Christmas day, you can also inquire at your local churches.

Charities that Need Help on Christmas Day
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