News Cheap Accent Chairs Under 100 Dollars

Cheap Accent Chairs Under 100 Dollars


Where to Buy Inexpensive Accent Chairs Under $100?

Are you on the hunt for cheap accent chairs under 100 dollars for sale, that will sit nicely in your living room or study area? Well, you have a lot of great options available to you, with a huge range of styles all coming well within your budget, especially if you know where to look. Below, we are going to explore a range of different sizes, styles and finishes to brand new and available discounted accent chairs under 100 dollars (some are bound to take your fancy!) as well as places to go to find more.

Coaster Home Furnishings Vinyl Accent Chair

Available brand new under 100 dollars (around the $80 mark) and available in four colors: black, brown, red and cream is this lovely sleek contemporary styled accent chair.

Dimensions: 29.5 x 28.2 x 32.5 inches | Weight: 41 lbs

It is based on solid wooden legs for fully stability, a polyuerethane comfortable seating pad and plush back to keep you fully supported. In all, it is a quality yet cheap accent chair that is very much loved by its owners — great to sit down on with a good book. See more like this.

King’s Brand Circle Fabric Accent Chair

This lavishing looking piece of furniture is a heavily discounted accent chair under 100 dollars, a reduction of over 70%. As you can see it takes on a luxrious circular designed fabric that is fitted on a ‘sturdy hardwood frame’ with bent wooden legs.

Dimensions: 26 x 19 x 36 inches | Weight: 19.5 lbs

It is really easy to assemble, simply attach each leg as dictated to in the instruction manual provided. This very cheap accent chair really does offer incredible value for money, and despite its ‘out there’ design can fit into most room’s decor.

Brookstone’s Taylor Accent Chair w. Black Swirl

Another quality accent chair that’s cheap and sneaks just under 100 dollars. Like the two chairs above, it is built on a stable durable hardwood construction frame and has a luscious black finish frame.

Dimensions: 28.2 x 23 x 33.9 inches | Weight: 21 lbs

As you can see it has arty visual black circles projected on to a vivid white background. Perfect for a swanky modernist apartment — to sit in at a dining room, bedroom or reading den. ‘Vintage meets modern‘. It is also incredibly comfortable due to the double padding inserted. For more swanky accent chairs under $100.

HomeVance Charlotte Accent Chair

Now this Charlotte chair from HomeVance is my personal favorite from the lot and proves to be very a popular hit on as well with a rating over of 80% & you simply ‘can’t beat the price’ for what you are getting.

Dimensions: 22 x 25 x 16 inches | Weight: 21 bs

A beautiful chair (it also comes in black). Simple to put together and very sturdy, will look awesome in a living room (although it is probably a little bigger than what you are expecting). Incredibly comfortable and just simply an awesome value — cheap accent chair under 100 bucks.

You can find a whole range of cheap accent chairs under 100 dollars.

Hopefully, you have found or will find the ideal inexpensive accent chair that will fit right into your living room, dining room, bedroom decor and is actually great at being a practical comforting chair. If you have any questions or concerns with regards to the overview of the cheap accent chairs under 100 dollars for sale then please make them below.

Cheap Accent Chairs Under 100 Dollars
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