Cheap And Easy Ways To Host A BBQ


Let Your Guests Contribute

As a host, it’s easy to think that we must provide everything at a barbecue. There’s nothing wrong with providing everything, but it’s not something that we have to do, especially since a barbecue is a casual occasion. Most people don’t mind bringing something to contribute. In fact, some people really enjoy bringing one of their “famous” side dishes or desserts. You could ask guests to bring simple items like drinks, paper products, ice, chips, side dishes, etc.

Plan A Simple Menu

As host, we can think we have to “go all out” to impress family and friends. If you’re trying to have a budget friendly barbecue, keeping up with the “Jones”, will having you buying unneeded foods and drinks. Stick to the old barbecue standbys, that you know most people enjoy. Some simple and popular cookout foods are:

– Hamburgers

– Hotdogs

– BBQ Chicken Or Ribs

– Baked Potatoes

– Baked Beans

– Corn on the Cob

– Potato Salad

– Coleslaw

– Chips

– Watermelon

– Pie

– Cobbler

– Ice Cream

Please don’t try to make all of these! This list is a point of reference you can go to, when trying to plan a menu.

Borrow What You Need

Depending on the amount of people you invite, you might need extra chairs, tables, dishes, etc.. Don’t be embarrassed or ashamed to borrow them from family, friends, or your guests. They most likely will understand your dilemma and was once probably in the same position. I hope these tips and ideas, will help you save a lot of money at your next barbecue. By keeping it simple, letting others help, and not spending more than you need to, your cheap and easy barbecue will be a success!