How to Find Cheap ATV Tires – Blems ATV Tires

cheap blemished atv tires

Cheap blemished ATV tires can only be hard to find if you want them really cheap. Blemished ATV tires are also called blems. Most of the times the blems will be about less than a hundred dollars (so that is when you know that it is cheap) if it is any higher than that price I suggest that you don’t get it unless it is really good material also it is the best type of blemished ATV tires which you have ever seen in your life (but that probably won’t happen).

What types of blems can you purchase?

The types of cheap blemished ATV tires which you can purchase are all different. Most of the times when you purchase blems you might think why on earth it is so expensive but there are many reasons on why it is (which I will go on to later). The two types of blems you can purchase are ones with flaws and ones without flaws. Some people have paid double the price of a cheap tire just because it has flaws on it.

Where can I purchase blems from?

The types of places where you can purchase cheap blemished ATV tires are from (can be from the internet or even the stores) manufacture sights, Maxxis, Kenda, IP, Executor, Mud wolf, Craig list, Amazon, eBay and etc. Did you know that sometimes if you go to a place where they fix cars such as a car mechanical garage, you might be able to get cheap blemished ATV tires from there?

What to consider when purchasing cheap ATV tires?

There are a few things which you should consider and some of the things which you should consider is how it looks, what type of blems you choose (so basically making sure that the blems will fit into your vehicle perfectly) and etc.

Why are blems so expensive and what is the difference between each blem?

Now as I have been telling you before that there are a few differences between each blems which can change the price of the blems. One of the things I have already mentioned which is if it has flaws or doesn’t have flaws, the type of design it has (so basically look underneath the blems and then you will see that there are a different design on each type of blems), the size (can be small, medium or even large) and etc.


If you are having a problem with money then that is fine as then you will have to go to a store such as Walmart and you can get items now and pay later which will be easier. Then when you have the money you can pay them back. Not only does that work on the internet but it also works on the stores as well (but sometimes not all stores and websites do it sadly so try to be careful on which ones do it and which ones don’t just in case you go to the shop with no money therefore try to get some blems with the items now pay later deal).Just in case you are not sure if you want the blems or anything like that I suggest that you see if they have a refund policy. Furthermore always look at the safety warnings (such as don’t let kids play with this) and etc. So some cheap blemished ATV tires can be easier to find than others (especially if you are trying to find an exact replica or anything like that).