Cheap Cat Condos

If you have looked at any pet stores lately, you may have noticed there was an absence of cheap cat condos, with some of them retailing for as much as $300 or more! Of course you want a fun little home for your cat, but they usually cost so much money to get.

This is the time when being handy with wood, a saw, and carpet samples would come in really handy, but if that isn’t your cup of tea, there are still ways you can find adorable cat condos without spending an arm and a leg.

One place to find cheap cat condos is Amazon. Here, you can find adorable condos with multiple perches at varying heights for less than $100.

If you just want a one story condo, you’ll spend less than $30 but for a little more, you can purchase a six foot model that includes a hammock, toys, and a hanging rope. This would be the perfect accessory even if you have multiple cats as there is plenty of room for everyone.

There is a difference between cheap cat condos and cheaply made condos. It is important to look for quality when shopping for this type of item as your cats will want to climb, scratch, and jump.

You want it to hold up under the strain of multiple cats playing on it and you don’t want it to tip over. For this reason, look for quality made products that are either on sale or are priced reasonably to start with.

Shopping online affords you the greatest selection when looking for cheap cat condos and other pet accessories. Not only will you be able to compare items from multiple manufacturers all at once, but you’ll be able to easily compare prices as well.

In addition, you’ll have the benefit of hearing from other users who have purchased the same products. In fact, Amazon has a verified buyer program in which you can easily tell which reviews are written by customers who have actually purchased the reviewed items from the site. This lends credibility to the review so that you can easily believe what real customers are saying about the products.