Cheap Chinese Motorcycles

Cheap Chinese motorcycles are a pretty good deal if you know what to look for and where to find them. These starter bikes are great for beginners who just got their “M” license are looking to get started riding, but they are also good for seasoned riders who want an economical bike for running errands around town. Sure, you won’t be getting a brand name of Honda or Yamaha. Instead, you’ll be getting brands such as Lifan or Roketa motorcycles. These are reliable bikes, though. To help you, we’ll look at a these discount machines in this article.

What size motorcycle made in China do I need?

You have options when it comes to asking yourself, “what size motorcycles should I get?”

Bikes that are 150 cc motorcycles are economical when it comes to fuel savings, but they don’t have the horsepower to get up to speed on the freeway or interstate.

Scooters and bikes in the 150 cc class will top out at about 65-70 mph, which is OK for in-town and some rural riding, and will get about 75-80 miles per gallon of gas.

Your best bet for an import motorcycle is a traditional 250 cc motorcycle. A 250 cc motorcycle, especially an enduro, will get about 65-70 miles per gallon of gas and will go about 80 mph.

An enduro style bike allows the best of both worlds — a little trail riding and a little street riding.

Why are Chinese motorcycles so cheap?

Manufacturers have patents on their engine and chassis designs, and eventually those patents expire, which means other companies can make clones of them. That’s why you’ll find that many cheap Chinese motorcycles are based on older Japanese Honda and Yamaha designs.

There is some value in Chinese knock off motorcycles because the parts can often be interchangeable and found fairly easily. As with everything, sometimes that’s the case and sometimes it’s not.

The best thing to do before spending any money is to do a little research and make sure your 250 cc bike has parts availability. A excellent place to check is eBay, where you can find just about everything and anything. You would want to check with a dealer, as well, about Chinese motorcycle parts availability.

Because these machines are essentially clones, there’s no research and development, which means a lower cost to consumers. Cheap Chinese motorcycles are all about reverse engineering.

These street bikes are also inexpensive because sometimes the metal used in the frame or engine is not high grade metal. This means there’s a possibility that the 250 cc engine could wear out a little bit faster.

An additional reason these motorbikes are discounted is that they are not heavily marketed. Think about all the commercials and ads you see for Honda or Suzuki. These ads cost money, which is passed on to people who buy those bikes. Without paying for lots of media exposure, these bikes don’t need to be marked up and can be sold just above cost, with a profit margin.

A good example is if I list the following bike manufacturers: Tank, Jonway, TaoTao, Roketa, and Lifan. How many of these have you heard of before? That’s what I thought. They are all generic brands.

Where can I find cheap Chinese motorcycles?

These starter bikes can be found online pretty easily. As previously mentioned, do some research before buying from an online dealer. Do a couple searches on the web and find some reviews of that particular bike. (Make sure the reviews have both pros and cons so it’s not lopsided.) A good place to do this is on Amazon or eBay — both of which have a lot 250 cc motorcycles for sale.

Amazon may have the upper-hand, though. If you buy from them, you know the machine is coming factory direct from the warehouse. There’s also the warranty.

These clones often have a 90 day warranty on parts, which is standard. There is no warranty on labor. So, if you need a part, it may be easier to contact the seller through Amazon. But if you are good at turning a wrench and screwdriver, you should not have any problems — besides, a buddy who’s good with engines may be able to fix it for you if you are not mechanically inclined for a little incentive.

If you are more comfortable buying from a dealership locally, then you would have the support of the dealer. For some people, that’s important and usually comes with a little bit higher price tag.

Buying from a dealer may actually be a better bet. You will be able to inspect the bike beforehand.

Are buying motorcycles made in China worth it?

It’s possible to buy cheap Chinese motorcycles, get a good deal, and then resell it for a decent price. This is where you take a risk when buying an off-brand motorbike, which costs between 1000 and 1500 dollars.

For the same price, you could buy a 20-to-30-year-old Japanese bike, which may run OK but it won’t be brand new.

Many Chinese motorcycle reviews around these bikes focus on wiring issues, including bad light bulbs, blinkers, batteries, and spark plugs; along with the plastic panels not fitting correctly from the factory after they are shipped. These are all minor flaws that a new motorcycle may have as well — the difference is that a dealer would fit it before you see it.

With these generic motorcycles, you are your own mechanic and want to go over the bike, tightening and adjusting every nut and bolt. This may seem like a lot of initial work, but it will make sure you’ll have reliable transportation for years to come.

I’ve never had any problems with my 250 cc motorcycles or the cheap dirt bikes for kids that I’ve bought. The Roketa motorcycles I bought all run good and are low-cost. You, too, should be able to find decent cheap Chinese motorcycles with ease.