Cheap Christmas Toys for Dogs 2012

Cheap Christmas Toys for Dogs 2012: Buy One Now

For those dog lovers out there, this list of cheap Christmas toys for dogs 2012 is an interesting topic to read. Today’s pet owners tend to spoil their dogs. One way to do this is by giving them a special yet affordable toy this Christmas. So, what are you waiting for? Read further and discover this year’s most popular dog toys.

Kong toys

Kong will always be the ideal toy for dogs since it’s multi-functional. It can be used as a chew toy, a food dispenser, for fetch and a brain teaser for dogs. Basically, it is a rubber made toy designed to hold and release dog food or treats. This is good for your dog’s mental exercises and a pass time. Since its rubber made, you are ensured of its durability. As of today, kong toys can be purchased in various shapes and colors for as low as $7 depending on the retailer.

Smarter Toys IQ Treat Ball Dog Toy

Another multi-functional dog toy in the list of cheap Christmas toys for dogs 2012 is the IQ Treat Ball. Like kong toys, IQ Treat ball can be used as a treat dispenser and a puzzle but in a ball shape instead. The great thing about this toy is that you can adjust the difficulty level for obtaining the treats. Hence, your pet dog will not only be stimulated but challenged as well. You can purchase this toy for as low as $7.60.

Nylabone Dinosaur Chew Toy

Chew toys are always a necessity when it comes to dogs if you don’t want them to chew your shoes and furniture. For a price of $6.27, your dog can chew this instead and clean their teeth at the same time. Although, you can opt for other chew toys, Nylabone Dinosaur Chew Toy is unique because of its design. This is because most chew toys available today are either bone or stick shaped.

Chuckit! Max Glow Ball

Balls are must haves when it comes to a game of fetch. Chuckit! Max Glow Ball is the perfect ball you can give your dogs. What makes this unique from other ball toys? It is its glow in the dark feature. Hence, you can still play fetch even if its dusk. You don’t need batteries, it can be easily charged with light. Plus, this ball is durable and easy to clean. You get all these features for a price of $4.82.

Stuffed animals for dogs

Every list of toys for dogs will always have stuffed animals in it. This is because its dog’s nature to haunt and stuffed animals are the ideal toys to suffice their hunting desires. In addition to that these toys can act as your dogs’ cuddle buddy at night or while sleeping. However, always purchase stuffed toys designed for dogs and not for children. Children’s stuff toys contain parts that can choke dogs. An average price for dog plush would range from $3 to $4. And that completes the list of cheap Christmas toys for dogs 2012.