Cheap Christmas Toys for Kids 2012

This Year’s Top Choices for Cheap Christmas Toys for Kids 2012

This year’s list of cheap Christmas toys for kids 2012 is what you need if you’re opting to give something economical yet remarkable. Although most price friendly toys today are not digital, kids would still love and enjoy playing it. Plus, all kids love opening presents even if it’s not the dream toy they’ve been yearning for. Basically, the idea of a wrapped toy would increase their excitement. Nonetheless, these toys will still make you the coolest person on earth even if it’s cheap.

Toys for boys

Whenever someone thinks of a boy’s gift, video games always come into mind. But, video game consoles are not included in the list of cheap Christmas toys for kids 2012. When choosing for a boy’s toy keep in mind that they want adventure, sports and rough games. Thus, among the top choices for toys for boys are the following.

  • Razor Vapor: Delta 500 Blaster – For a price of $24, this toy will bring boys some paintball experience minus the mess. If you’re worried about children getting hurt, this toy is safe for child play.
  • Action figures – Superhero figures are still the best-sellers when it comes to boy’s toys. Among the most popular action figures are Spriderman, Batman and other Marvel superheroes. As of today, Hobbit’s action figures are gaining popularity under the category film collectibles. Depending on the type of action figure, it may cost you an average price of $16 to $17.
  • PlasmaCar or Plasma Bike – Although these toys may be priced a little higher compared to the other two, boys would really love toys that they can ride around whether it’s a toy car or bike. Prices for these types of toys will range from $43 to $58.

Toys for girls

Choosing for a girl’s toy may seem a little easier. You can grab a doll or a cute stuffed teddy and it’s done. But, if you’re opting for something trendy and yet affordable, these are the top choices to choose from.

  • Monster High dolls – These dolls have become popular ever since vampires become a hit motion picture. But, unlike the scary portrayal of in horror films these dolls are cute, stylish and adorable. You can purchase one for a price of $23 to $25.
  • B-B-Q Blitz – This is the ideal board game for children who love to play cooking games. Aside from that this toy can develop a child’s coordination skills. For a price of $22.50, you’ve given a child a chance to enjoy and learn.
  • Fijit Friends Yippit – These toys are very popular in the year 2011 and expected to be a best-seller again this year with the addition of 4 new characters. These toys may be a bit pricey but they can dance and do some tricks. For $40, a child will definitely enjoy training and plating this adorable toy.


You can also pick a unisex toy if you want. Lego still remains to be a top choice for unisex toys. Wee Blossom Weplay Rocking Bowl is another toy both boys and girls would enjoy. All these are this year’s pick for the top choices of cheap Christmas toys for kids 2012.