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Cheap Dirt Bikes for Kids

You’ll be pleased to know that are a lot of place to find cheap dirt bikes for kids. Although these motorcycles will not have a top of the line Honda or Kawasaki name brand they will provide years of enjoyment for your kids. It’s even possible to get these motorcycles with engines sizes from 50cc up to 250cc, which means adults can have fun, too. There are a few things to keep in mind, though, when buying motorcycles made in China, and I want to provide you that information in this article.

Buy motorcycles made in China on eBay, Amazon, or locally?

There are a lot of places to find cheap dirt bikes for kids. One easy way way to find a motorcycle dealer is to look online. One important point if you buy over the web is that you’ll want do a little investigation about that online dealer, making sure they have a good online presence. The easiest way to do that research is a quick search on the web, which should provide you with a lot of results.

Amazon and eBay are two valid options to find find cheap dirt bikes for kids. You can find good motorcycles made in China on auction sites, and you’ll notice that there are quite a few different selections. One important part is that eBay will have parts available if something goes amiss. If you do buy via eBay, make sure you check the seller’s feedback and make sure that person is a trusted member.

Some folks like to buy locally. And there’s plenty of opportunity to find cheap dirt bikes for kids in your area. More and more independent motorcycle dealerships carry Chinese motorcycles nowadays because buyers like their inexpensive cost. One value of buying locally is that if you have any problems, you can talk to somebody in your area. This does provide some security. If a used dual-sport is OK, you may be able to find an older unit on craigslist.

‘What should I look for when buying cheap dirt bikes for kids?’

One important thing when buying cheap dirt bikes for kids is to look and compare warranties. Mostly, Chinese motorcycles have a 90 day parts only warranty — at least if you buy through an online seller. Labor is not included.

Although this is less that warranties from major motorcycle brands, this is standard. However, most of us know how to turn a wrench or have buddy that’s mechanically inclined, which really makes this not much of a problem.

Another thing to keep in mind is that many cheap dirt bikes for kids are clones of major brand off-road machines. This can make them interchangeable some of the time. Other times they are not. It’s possible to do some research beforehand to find this information out.

One reason for the clones is that after a major motorcycle brands patent expires, the Chinese motorcycle market copied the engine design, cloning those old 50cc and 250cc engines. One of the bigger differences is that the metal on the clones may not be of the same high grade metal that was in the old Honda or Suzukis. Even if that’s the case, oftentimes off brand motorcycles will still have parts that are interchangeable.

Risks from buying motorcycles made in China

There are risks with any purchase — whether you buy Chinese motorcycles or from any major brand. The biggest risk is economics. Cheap dirt bikes for kids can be had for less than 500 dollars, such as a Razor Dirt Rocket. After riding this enduro for a few years, you could resell it for about 250 dollars. A comparable brand name 70cc mini motorcycle will cost at least 1000 dollars, and if you resell a few years later, you’d be lucky to get 500 dollars for it. Sure, both offer a 50 percent return, but the initial investment and loss is higher with the brand name.

Out of the 3 off brand Chinese motorcycles I’ve owned, I’ve never had any problems. My low cost machines run well and I see no reason to sell them. With a little research, you should be able to find cheap dirt bikes for kids.

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