Cheap Easter Basket Supplies for Seasonal Gift Baskets

When you like DIY or do it yourself projects you might want to know how to make cheap Easter baskets this year for the holiday season. Here are a few frugel ideas for making gift baskets for girls during Easter.

– Easter Baskets

You can save money by using any previously owned Easter basket as long as it is in good condition. However, I chose a purple basket and a pink basket to make my gift baskets. You can choose from various types of motifs. I chose the peace sign motif for my girls Easter baskets. However, there were butterflies, ladybugs, dragonflies and others from which you can choose.

imagePersonalized Leggy Easter Baskets


– Easter Basket Decorations

Look around for basket decorations while letting your imagination guide you. I choose a couple of bunny basket decorations one blue and the other purple. These little hanging bunnies have Velcro just under their ears for attaching them easily to the basket as decoration.

I chose a pair of pink and blue bunny ears to decorate the baskets. I also found some cute little net burlap purses with butterfly motifs. One of the purses is purple with pink butterflies the other purse is green with yellow butterflies. Both purses contain gummi candies in various colors. My kids love gummi candies too.

– Easter Basket Grass

The Easter basket grass I chose for two girls Easter baskets are blue and purple. However, you can use any color of Easter grass you think will compliment your gift basket.

imageHammonds 6-pk. Easter Marshmallow Eggs


– Easter Candy

Choosing the candy was not difficult at all. These baskets include some of our family favorite types of Easter candy. I have included Jelly Belly beans in pink and yellow decorative tins that we love to collect. Reese’s peanut butter cups, Cadbury crème eggs, and Cadbury caramel eggs are included as well as huge lollipops that are pink and blue.

The Russell Stover solid white chocolate bunny belongs in another gift basket. It will not be included in either of these baskets even though it is in the photos.

– Easter Jewelry

Each of the bunny basket decorations one blue and the other purple are wearing a plastic bracelet that girls like to wear. The blue bunny is wearing a blue and green bracelet. The purple bunny is wearing a pink and green Easter jewelry bracelet.

– Easter Toys

The toys in this gift basket fill more than one purpose. The individual items play their own parts in filling such a gift basket. For instance, the colorful bunny ears, the cute little net burlap purses with butterfly motifs, and the purple and blue bunny basket decorations all serve as Easter toys. I found a pack of two bubbles for blowing to include in these cheap girls Easter baskets. Bubbles are always a thrill for the kids no matter his or her age.

imageDecorative Eggs – Decorative Accessories


– Easter Eggs

Easter eggs can be homemade eggs that you boil and then decorate with egg dye and accessories. We have not made those kinds of eggs yet to include in these gift baskets, since it is still too early for that step. However, there will be some. Maybe I will take some photos while we do that for you to see. However, any type of decorative Easter egg is acceptable in a homemade gift basket like these.

Plastic Easter eggs are another option. Long ago, plastic eggs only came in a few assorted solid colors. They were pretty and we all loved finding them full of candy, money and other treats. However, today you can find a very fine assortment of various decorative eggs to include in your girls Easter basket.

Here I have chosen to include the leopard print egg motif. Are they not just as cute as they can be? I like the way they look and I know both my girls will be thrilled with their baskets even if they are cheap gift baskets.