Cheap Emergency Lamps When the Power Goes Out

5 Best Oil Lamps for Emergency Use

What do you do when the lights go out? Are you prepared? Using an emergency lamp when the power goes out can be simple and easy if you know what to do and you are prepared.

You may think that all you will need is a flashlight. That may be true and for a short period that may very well work, but what if there is a storm and the power is out for awhile? You should prepare yourself with alternate lighting.

Oil Lamps have been around for many years. Back in the day before electricity, it was normal everyday living to use an oil lamp after dark. Most people today can’t even imagine living without being able to flip a switch.

If you have to use an oil lamp, it’s good to know where to find them. One of the best places to stock up on a few is, where you can find just about anything you want. I did a bit of research so that you don’t have to and came up with the 5 best ones to use as an emergency lamp when the electricity goes out.

Vintage Look Black Real Working Railroad Lantern

What I love about the above lantern is it is a replica of the old railroad lanterns back in the old days. I like the long handle that allows you to pick it up and carry it from place to place. It’s very lightweight, only about 4 lbs. so for those who can’t lift heavy, this would be perfect. It’s not very expensive to buy and serves the purpose for emergency use.

Lamplight Montana Lamp

This is one of my favorite lanterns. It is not only good looking and has the cut outs in the shade but works well also and has really good customer reviews. You can hang this on the wall and works great for any emergency.

Lamplight Metropolitan Oil Lamp

This is great for power outages according to a few users who have already purchased this lamp. It is nice because it isn’t bulky like some oil lamps are and therefore doesn’t take up a lot of space. Nice for decorative use also.

Glo Brite Sailor Moon Glass Oil Lamp

These are great to sit on your kitchen table or in your bathroom to get a glow throughout the room. I love adding colored lamp oil to the clear glass and it really looks cool. These are nice to have if you need to do any reading.

Hurricane Lantern 12-inch (Uses Lamp Oil or Kerosene)

One of the reasons this is a good lantern for emergency usage is because you can use lamp oil or if you don’t have any more lamp oil, you can run to the gas station and get some kerosene and use it in this lamp. Works good for a quick light when your electric goes off.

Don’t Get Caught Without Lamp Oil or Wicks

Ultra Pure Paraffin Lamp Oil

The one thing you will like having this oil on hand is that it doesn’t give off a lot of soot like some oils do when you burn it. This is great to put into an emergency lamp when the electric goes out.

Lamplight 9995 Flat Oil Lamp Wick 3 pack

These are wicks for the lamplight oil lanterns, but I’ve found that most of them all work in any lantern. You can even buy a large roll like this one below and cut the wicks yourself:

Flat Cotton Oil Lantern or Oil Lamp Wick. 8 Foot Roll of 100% Natural Cotton.

There is always a way to get light when there’s no electric, you can just light up your emergency lamp when the power goes out!