News Cheap Flooring Options for Basement

Cheap Flooring Options for Basement


The Best Cheap Flooring Options for Basement Renovations

Finding highly rated cheap flooring options for basement renovations is easy once you have the idea on what to look for. Although your basements don’t play a vital role in your daily activities, installing durable and efficient flooring plays a vital role. This is because basements act as your house’s foundation. Take water damages for example, once damage occur it may spread and your basement may collapse. Furthermore, your stored items may also be affected along the process. With that being said, efficiency and durability doesn’t always come with a high price. There are numerous materials out in the market that can pass your criterions without causing much. This article would provide you with some cheap flooring ideas for your basement.

Stained concrete

If you’re looking for easy to install, low-maintenance and cheap flooring option for your basement stained concrete is the one for you. Basically, stained concrete of varying designs can be installed without utilizing special tools. Aside from that, you can also purchase a water-friendly varnish or coating for its finishing. This coat will protect the concrete from any moisture related damages. But, be reminded that stained concrete are very hard and cold. Plus, re-sealing or re-application of varnish should be done periodically.


One most sought cheap flooring option for basement is laminate. It is easy to install, easy to remove if necessary and easy to clean. It is also resistant to both moisture and molds. Thus, if you’re searching for a cheap, durable, efficient and low-maintenance flooring option; laminate would be your best choice. As of today, basement laminates come in various designs and some comes with warranty. The only problem encountered with this flooring option is that it can’t be repaired. Once it’s damaged, you have to replace it.

Rubber mats

Comfort is one of the main reason homeowners opt for rubber flooring options. But, aside from that reason, rubber is also resilient to moisture and molds. Plus, this material is sound absorbent and designed in various colorful patterns making it the perfect item if you’re utilizing your basement as a child’s playroom. If you’re concern is the installation process, this flooring option is also easy to install.


Another inexpensive and comfortable flooring option is carpet. This material is very soft and warm. Installation is also easy. However, carpets are known to be prone to moisture. Furthermore, dirt is easily stocked in its fibers. Thus, maintenance would be an issue. And if your homes are prone to moisture, opting for carpets is not a wise decision.


Ceramic tiles are known to withhold any form of neglect. Among the fore mentioned flooring option, this is the most durable of them all. As long as you choose ceramic tiles for basement use, moisture problems would be an issue. However, this flooring option is tedious and messy to install. Aside from that, gout would be an issue since sealing is not available. This would result to mold growth if not maintained properly.


Vinyl, linoleum, cork and hardwood can also be your other alternative. Most of these materials are very appealing, efficient and durable. With that, you can now choose best suited material for your home among this list of cheap flooring options for basement renovations.

Cheap Flooring Options for Basement
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