Cheap Flooring Options for Kitchen

Recommended Cheap Flooring Options for Kitchen

Are you searching for cheap flooring options for kitchen? If so, this is the right article for you. As you know, building or renovating your homes can be very expensive. That is why homeowners seek for cheap yet reliable materials that they can purchase. Although it may seem absurd, finding construction materials for your kitchen flooring that possess both cost-effectiveness and durability is possible. With that being said, here are some highly recommended flooring options you can take.


Traditionally used since the 1960’s, vinyl is still among the highly recommended cheap flooring options for kitchen areas. One of its well sought characteristic is its resilience and easy to maintain attributes. Since it is water-repellant, you can easily wipe water spills without causing serious damage. However, this type of flooring option is prone to scratches. Aside from that, its design would fade after some time. Nonetheless, compared to its modern counterparts, this material is more durable and it still remains as a favorite flooring material.


Another traditional flooring option is linoleum. Although, it was replaced by vinyl due maintenance reasons, contemporary linoleum materials are again gaining popularity. Before, this material needs to be waxed regularly. Nowadays, these are sold pre-sealed thus waxing is unnecessary. One major contributor of it fame is its eco-friendly characteristics and maintenance. Furthermore, it has antibacterial constituents hence using water alone for cleaning can be done. One drawback for this material is its price. Compared to vinyl products, this is a bit pricey including professional installation fees.


Wood materials such as oak, maple and pine are already considered as a contemporary flooring option. Using wood not only increases your house’s value but it also increases its aesthetic appeal by creating vintage look. In addition to that, wood materials are warm. It is also durable if proper maintenance and finishing is provided. For that reason, maintenance cost for wood materials can be a bit pricey. Compared to other flooring option, wood is expensive especially those hardwood types. Another drawback is that wood is susceptible to water. Meaning, if excessive expose to water is experienced, wood can easily be damaged.


Another contemporary flooring option is laminate. This flooring material may look like wood. But, it is actually composed of many layer of processed wood with a protective layer made of a water-repellant substance known as melamine. Laminate is actually very popular in DIY flooring installations. It is very cheap, durable and very appealing. Durability is ensured due to its scratch and water-resistant properties. However, this flooring material can be easily dented or pressed if proper care is not provided. Limited design is another drawback for it. Lastly, since it’s made of processed wood, its fiberboard can cause allergic reactions.

Other alternatives

Cork is another flooring option you can use. It has insulating capabilities and water resistant properties. However, this type of material is susceptible to damages. Nonetheless, if you’re opting for a low-maintenance and budget-friendly material, cork is another option you can take.

There are other flooring options you can take like porcelain, ceramic tiles, stained concrete and bamboos. But, when it comes to cheap flooring options for kitchen areas, those mentioned above are highly recommended.