Cheap Four Wheelers Under 500 Dollars: Go Get'em!

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Are you searching for cheap four wheelers under 500 dollars for sale? Well they do exist, you just have to look in the right places. Granted though, for less than $500 you won’t be getting a brand new full size adult model, but if you are prepared to let ‘condition’ slide a little and get a used second hand ATV, you are much more likely to find a vehicle. Better still though, you are far more likely to find a decent ‘like new’ four wheeler inside your budget, if you are getting a purposefully built children’s ATV. Now to explore our options with regards to where we can buy and what types of four wheelers under 500 dollars you can get.

Cheap Brand New ATVs

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Cheap Four Wheelers Under 500 Dollars: Go Get'em!, SeekytWhen searching for a kid’s four wheeler, you have a good few options. For instance, you can get hold of a quality ‘Razor Dirt Quad Electric Four-Wheeled Off-Road Vehicle‘ well within your budget and is a very popular model for parents to get their kids (perfect for 4, 5, 6 and 7 year olds) — getting them introduced to the world of motor vehicles nice n’ early. Another very popular cheap quad under 500 dollars is a Chinese ATV for kids, the ‘Power Wheels Kawasaki KFX‘ where children can get a ‘real time four wheeler’ experience in their own gardens & back yards.

You can get some cylinder engine based models as well but they tend to be around 50 cc or even smaller, although a very popular model, which is rather inexpensive for what it offers, is the … ‘110cc Four Wheelers 6′ Tires Atvs, Spider‘ reduced from $800 to below $500. As you can see there is a lot of options for you to consider, so by no means settle — you have a good scope for doing some good old fashioned ‘shopping around’. You can find a lot more here.

Refurbished & Used All Terrain Vehicles (full size)

Instead, you might be interested in getting an adult sized four wheeler, in which case for the budget you have, you need to be looking at second hand adult size ATV cheap models. Upon searching, you will come across a wide range of options, differing rather drastically from one to the next. Below, we have listed just a few of the types of units (trying to group them as best we could) — to give you an idea on what you need to be on the hunt for as you try and locate cheap four wheelers under 500 dollars for sale.

Yamaha’s YFS200 Models: these ‘blasters’ are the most common type of vehicles you can expect to come across when searching for an adult model within your budget. Granted YFS200 (made from 1988 to 2006) are only integrated with a 200cc motor, they are fairly responsive & sharp. With many owners of these Blasters willing to verify that they outperform and prefer them to some of their 300cc four wheelers. In all though they are very decent model that poses great value for the money if you can get hold of one — look out for them on and other listing websites, you can easily find them and other cheap four wheelers under 500 dollars ‘full adult size’ there.

Refurbished Four Wheelers: also explore designated website retailers (e.g. atv-trader & power-sports-max) that specialize in listing ATVs that have been broken and then fixed up to be sold like new again (either through third party independent sellers or the manufacturers themselves). You often can get a really good price on them, with some very inexpensive four wheelers being sold, given that they have been broken before as well as being second hand (they often come with a decent warrantytoo). Another sound place, for these full sized reconditioned ATVs is the carboot of the world (ebay).

Beginner & Starter Quad Bikes: All your major manufacturers will have entry level ATVs fitted with up to 250cc motors integrated e.g. late 1980s Kawasaki 185 & the Suzuki 185 etc. if you keep searching through the listing sites, so be patient and stay alert. You will have a bit of luck with some of the older Polaris vehicles too.

Youth All Terrain Vehicles: if you keep searching for the less powerful models, you will be able to find a fair few decent yet cheap four wheelers under $500. Stick to major brand youth ATVs (for instance: Kawasaki ATVs, Honda ATVs, Can AM ATVs etc.)

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Cheap Four Wheelers Under 500 Dollars: Go Get'em!, Seekyt
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