Cheap Gifts for Exercise Enthusiasts

You may be surprised to find out the substantial number of affordable gifts you can find for the exercise enthusiasts on you Christmas list in 2011. Review this simple list of affordable exercise equipment to round out your 2011 Christmas list.


You can find pedometers for between $20 and $30 dollars. Most of the more popular models work quite well and some offer the option to upload walking information to a website to track and develop your walking habits. Pedometers come in a variety of styles and sizes that would cater to a more unassuming look as well as more sporty appearances.

Stability Exercise Balls

You can find this basic piece of exercise equiptment for between $10 and $20. These inflatable balls are perfect for those keeping fit as well as expectant mothers. Many different exercise videos, website and books show different work-outs to do with exercise balls. Trainers often recommend these balls for individuals with limited space (those in apartments or studios) because they can be deflated easily when not in use. If you intend to purchase this as a Christmas gift for someone, make sure to explore the option of buying a hand pump to accompany the exercise ball.

Exercise Resistance Bands

These basic large rubber bands with handles can be had online for as little as $10. If you are buying this equipment for a friend, make sure to buy a video as well. It is much easier to understand how to use an exercise band with a visual guide. Another accessory that is good to have with resistance bands is a door attachment. Using the door attachment, amateur athletes and those looking to get in shape can work out easier with door attachments to give them more options.

Jump Rope with DVD

A jump rope may seem like an overly simple gift but there are a few different kits available that people could use to develop quite an expertise with the jump rope. This is also a gift that could be had for around $10. Search popular websites to find an affordable jump rope along with a DVD. It may not seem like much but it will be a welcome addition to any exercise enthusiasts equipment cache.

Keep expenses low this holiday season when buying for the exercise lover on your list. Use this list to give you some great ideas for cheap exercise equipment.