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Cheap HTC One X For Sale Without Contract

If you’re looking for a cheap HTC One X for sale without contract, you’ve come to the right place. The HTC One X is a handsome looking phone that comes with a beautiful screen armed with sharp colors. Battery life lasts a full day of using it to watch videos, check emails, chat with friends and make the occasional phone calls. Thus, if you are looking for something new, other than an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy, definitely get your hands on the HTC One X. As a proud owner myself, I like the fact not a lot of people have this phone and they’re always surprised and curious when I whip it out to make a phone call. In terms of design, I like the big screen and how robust it feels in my hands compared to the polycarbonate plastic feel of the Samsung Galaxy S3. Below, I will show you how you can get your hands on a cheap HTC One X for sale without contract.

Where to buy a HTC One X with no contract?

The best place to find smartphones without a contract and unlocked is Amazon, the world’s largest online retail store. At Amazon, you’ll find a slew of products at great prices. I’ve bought several electronic products over the years and I’ve never been disappointed with their fast and friendly service. If you’re currently attending college or graduate school, you can sign up for Amazon Prime, and get 6 months of free shipping from Amazon! Click here to check out the specs and price of the HTC One X from Amazon. 

Buy a Refurbished HTC One X

If you are worried about spending too much on a brand new HTC One X, I urge you to buy a refurbished one. When you buy refurbished products, you essentially get a device that was used at most for 30 days and was returned because the former owner decided that the smartphone was not what he or she expected it to be. Often times, people think refurbished products were defective, but this is hardly never the case. The vast majority of the time, a smartphone is returned because the buyer changed his or her mind. Thus, why not save big, while essentially getting a phone that is good as new?

eBay and Craigslist

If you don’t want to purchase a HTC One X on Amazon, you can always go to eBay or Craigslist. These sites cater to sellers and buyers and provide the necessary framework for an exchange to take place. When using eBay, always check the seller’s ratings and how many items were sold in the past. When using Craigslist, always meet the seller in person and check the product before paying for the product. If you follow the tips outlined above, you’ll find a cheap HTC One X for sale without contract in no time.

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