Cheap Internet Tablets Under $100

A couple of decades ago, cell phones used to be a status symbol being very expensive to have and operate. But as time passed by, many new models came out targeting those who could not afford these expensive commodities before. Moreover, the old and used models became available to general publich at much lower rates. The company manufacturing the devices then continued to produce better and improved models with advanced technology.

Why are cell phones and internet tablets gaining in popularity with the passage of time? Simply because of the applications they support, which are amusing and fun. Moreover, they offer great functionality in a small size that is easy to carry around. It is not implied that all gadgets are cheaper in price, as a matter of fact, the most recent models are very expensive but there are models out there designed for a mid-range consumer. The Coby kyros and the archoid internet tablet are two of the examples. These two fall under the category of cheap internet tablet. To know more about their features, see below:

Coby Kyros 7-Inch Android 4.0 4 GB Internet Tablet 16:9 Resistive Touchscreen, Black MID7034-4

Coby Kyros 7-Inch Android 4.0 4 GB Internet Tablet 16:9 Resistive Touchscreen, Black MID7034-4

This android internet tablet is composed of 4.0 ice creams, resistive touchscreen and has a 7” display screen. It has a flash memory of 4 GB and has 0.5 GB RAM Memory. With this cheap internet tablet, you have the access to the internet through just a soft touch of a fingertip. The Coby tablet KYROS MID7034-4 is an authoritative and supple internet and the amusement solution with an intuitive operating system 4.0 Android (Ice-Cream Sandwich). This will save your time, as well as allow you to enjoy hundreds of thousands of applications from the GetJar marketplace that lists a lot of entertaining games, social media apps, and output tools to meet the requirements of the users these days. With smooth and fashionable Coby tablets you are able to unwind and take pleasure in your favorite applications including music, e-Books, videos and photos. Enjoy your time with this Coby’s cheap internet tablet.

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ARCHOS 28 internet tablet

Archos 28 4 GB Internet Tablet

This is another cheap internet tablet available on the market. The model has WiFi that connects Android devices to access the internet from anywhere with a touchscreen of 2.8 inch, a broad array of features like video, net browsing and a lot of applications downloadable from sources like AppsLib. Basically this cheap internet tablet embraces a brilliant fantastic multimedia player and has a wide ultra format for support.

Certainly, you can own one of these even if you are on tight budget. These two above mentioned models are well worth it. One great thing in owning an internet tablet is the convenience it offers to the consumer. Your life will be easier as you can check your mail from anywhere using WiFi and you get to enjoy music, games. And unlimited apps. The busy life does not come in the way of opening emails, taking Skype calls, playing games, updating Facebook status and a lot more.