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Cheap Laptops For Sale Under 200 – What Is The Best Laptop and Netbook To Buy?

Statistically, laptop computers are outselling standard PCs and their rates have steadily fallen within the last several years. Laptop computers have therefore end up being the

1st preference for buyers nowadays. Due to this demand from shoppers, the cost of PCs has been impacted by the quality, brand name, dimensions and parts to mention just

some of the points. Thus, it’s necessary that before you buy cheap laptops for sale under 200 to take into account several points.

Things You need To Know Before Buying:

First of all, ask these questions, ‘how will I use the laptop?’ If you’re just the one who utilizes his or her pc to take a look at email and pay bills on the internet, then save your

valuable cash and don’t choose that costly laptop that includes the most recent graphics card. All your requirements could be fulfilled by just a fairly simple budget unit that doesn’t

need all the add-ons. Take into account as well the brand name of the OS which you’ll be utilizing. It appears that everyone these days is opting for the Apple Mac platform

particularly after the release of the new generations of iPhone and iPad and etc. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean if you would like to buy cheap laptops for sale under 200, you

need to instantly go to the nearby Apple store. At least do a comparison and look at several details. Discuss open source and you’ve the Linux OS that operates efficiently on all


For instance, since Apple has been utilizing Intel processor chips, Mac hardware will unquestionably run Windows along with Apple’s OS X. On the contrary, Apple’s OS X is a

really attractive and user friendly platform helping to make its software base steady and not as big as that of a typical computer. When comparing the rates, you’ll also discover

that Macs cost a bit more for a similar equivalent hardware. The decision even so of both the hardware and the OS depends upon personal tastes. Give both of them a try before

you buy cheap laptops for sale under 200 that runs them. If you’re newbie in use, why not browse through consumer reviews and their variations and find out which one will meet

your needs exactly.

Prior to buying cheap laptops for sale under 200, think about the hardware parts. These are the processor chip, the RAM memory, hard disk drive, graphics card and its mobility.

For best performance purchase 4 Quad-Core Processor and above. Memory that is at least 1GB is recommended and you’ll need to choose the biggest hard disk space as you

could pay for. Nvidia are definitely the best graphics cards available on the market. The above mentioned guidelines should help you to find a decent and affordable laptop


Here Are Some Laptops and Netbooks Offered At Under 200 Dollars:

1)10 inch Android 2.2 Netbook Laptop with Flash Player

– 0.08 GHz
– 0.26 GB
– Android 2.2
– Offered at $161

2) iView 7-Inch Android Netbook

Intel Processor 0.8GHz
4GB Solid-State Hard Drive
7-Inch Screen
Android 2.2
Offered at $89

3) NB716A 7-Inch Notebook Laptop

Portable & compact in its design
VIA ARM 32bit CPU 800MHz
256MB RAM; 4GB Hard Drive Capacity
Android 2.2 system; TFT 800 X 480
Support Youtube; Adobe Flash
Offered at $79.95

4) Dell D600 Laptop

1.6 GHz Processor and DVD-ROM/CD-RW included
Integrated wireless
Windows XP installed
Offered at $95.00 used, and refurbished from $118.95 at Amazon

5) ASUS X101-EU17-BK 10.1-Inch Netbook

Intel Atom Processor 1.33GHz
8GB Hard Drive
10.1-Inch Screen, Intel UMA
4 hours Battery Life, offered at $259 a little bit over $200.

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