Cheap LCD Monitors Under 100 Dollars

The Best Cheap LCD Monitors Under 100 Dollars

With the invention of cheap LCD monitors under 100 dollars the computer industry has totally been revolutionized. The industry standards have been practically set by the ultra-slim, productivity and the compact LCD monitors. Those looking for efficiency, portability, style, grace and crystal clear image quality will only enjoy all this with LCD monitors. Some also cannot help but marvel at the ultra-thin design. This has greatly caught the attention of all those who value substance and style. This is why the rather antique CRT monitors are quickly being abandoned as everyone is on the race to buy cheap quality LCD monitors and with the dropping prices, you can now get your LCD monitor with less than 100 bucks.

Cheap LCD monitors

One thing most people are not aware of when buying cheap LCD monitors under 100 dollars is that the bigger it is the better. That is the price difference between let’s take a 19inch and a 22inch monitor is negligibly minimal. So why not go for a larger screen? Top on the list of the best cheap LCD monitors is the Acer V173 which goes for $95. The specs of this LCD monitor include high resolutions of 1280 × 1024, displays of 14.6” and 17” and to top it all up its got built in speakers. The second LCD monitor on this list is the View Sonic VA1948M which goes for around $97. It has a resolution of 1920 × 1080, a wait time of 5min and a contrast of 16:9 summed up with a 20 inch screen. Another cheap LCD monitor you may want to consider is the Asus VS197D-P which goes for $87. It has a display screen of 20”, a contrast of 5000:1, a response time of up to 5min and resolution of 60Hz.


Although it is often thought that cheap is expensive, buying cheap LCD monitors under $100 is actually more advantageous and pocket friendly to many. The main advantage is the contrast. Accurate and refined colors are usually displayed with increase in contrast hence you are assured of clear and vivid images at all times. Another factor is the environmental friendliness of these monitors. Since everyone is working towards an eco- friendly environment the monitors are manufactured to use less than 40% energy. This compared to their CRT counterparts is a huge relief to users as you will definitely save on your energy costs. The monitors are also non-mercury emitters. Not forgetting that they have exquisite slim designs unlike the CRT monitors.

Where to buy

One may begin to wonder where these cheap LCD monitors under $ 100 can be purchased from. The low price range may also keep one wondering if they will get what they want or just some poor quality monitors. But this should not be a problem due to the various websites that allow you to shop online. One may first visit the official websites of different manufacturers and check the offers advertised. You can also visit refurbished computer stores or other used electronics stores for even better price offers. But do make sure you’ve read several reviews so that you go to stores with good reputation.

With this in mind you can never end up with some cheap junky LCD monitors. The cheap LCD monitors under $100 are even becoming popularly used for both television and computer hence you would not want to miss out on this amazing deals.