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Cheap Mason Jar Centerpieces

If you like to dress up rooms or events with pretty things, you’ll like using cheap Mason jar centerpieces. The thought of Mason jars may bring back the sweet smell of preserves cooking in your grandmother’s kitchen but they can also be used to make a great cheap Mason jar centerpiece. You can buy or make Mason jar centerpieces or whatever you need to make them relatively cheap. You can buy or make beautiful centerpieces without breaking the bank. You can make a cheap Mason jar centerpiece look classy and elegant without a lot of money and hassle. There are countless materials that you can use to make cheap Mason jar centerpieces.


Cheap Mason jar centerpieces are a fun DIY project for weddings or parties. They add a personal touch to your rooms or events that show off your unique creative style. Whether you use flowers from your garden or scented candles, you can make fantastic centerpieces quickly and easily. One of the great things about making cheap Mason jar centerpieces is that there are so many materials that you can use in your centerpiece that you might have a hard time deciding what to use. Taking the DIY route to make could also be a way to make some extra money. Once your friends and family see your beautiful creations, they’ll want their own centerpieces. Then you could make extra money selling centerpieces that cost you little or nothing to make.


Use some of those pictures that you have in shoe boxes in the closet to make Mason jar centerpieces. This is a great way to display some of your treasured memories. Mason jars are inexpensive and you already have the pictures. You can buy Mason jars from a local craft store like Hobby Lobby or Garden Ridge.


Scented candles add to the charm of cheap Mason jar centerpieces. There are articles about how to make scented candles with directions for how to make scented candles from your favorite aromas. Again, working with candles offers a wide range of design options like, using pillar candles, multiple candles or candles floating in oil.


Flowers are an all time favorite for dressing up rooms and events. When you make cheap Mason jar centerpieces with brightly colored flowers, you can dress up a room with style and elegance. Cheap Mason jar centerpieces are a good way to enjoy flowers from your own garden inside your home. These ideas should get your creative juices flowing but if not, you can always buy cheap Mason jar centerpieces.

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