Cheap Netbooks Under $200 – Refurbished Mini Laptops

Cheap Netbooks Under $200

As we all know getting cheap netbooks under $200 can be almost close to impossible especially if it’s new. But even then, you should not lose hope since there are quality refurbished netbooks which one can get for less than $200. Usually these refurbished netbooks will have been checked to ensure that they can work properly. With thorough research while shopping you might after all end up stumbling upon a high quality refurbished netbook that can still serve you well. And since there are a lot of websites advertising refurbished netbooks, your search is highly simplified by just going online.

Top 4 cheap netbooks

One of the many refurbished cheap netbooks under $200 is the Dell Mini 1012 with an Intel Atom processor, 1GB memory, 160 GB HDD, built in webcam and Wi-Fi card. A refurbished one goes for $185 while a new one has a price of about $438. Secondly the Asus Eee Seashell can also merit to be on this list. It is sold at $188.97 if refurbished. This netbook consumes less power and has a battery lifespan of up to approximately five hours. With its 250GB HDD you will have all the space you need for your files and documents.

The other cheap netbook below $200 is the HP Mini 110-1030. It has up to 6 hours of battery life, is highly portable, and its appealing design is just irresistible. It also has a fully spaced keyboard for easy typing and its anti-glare screen makes it easy to use under any optimal condition.

Where to buy?

Shopping for cheap netbooks under $200 has now been made easier due to the numerous websites that have posted ads about cheap netbooks for sale. One of the recommended site is Such sites generally will always display detailed information on the netbooks posted such as their features, prices and the stores where you can find them. eBay is another safe site where buyers can often shop online without fear of fraudsters or buying counterfeited netbooks. Through these sites, comparing prices is also easy to make it possible for any buyer to find the exact netbook that he/she can afford.


Well when it comes to buying cheap netbooks under $200, cheap does not always have to be expensive contrary to many people’s belief. One has to focus on the easy affordability that these netbooks guarantee. Then given that you will also be provided with a warranty of about 6 months or even more, you can always return the netbook if it gives you problems when you get home. In fact, when it comes to purchasing refurbished netbooks, you should always be keen on the period of warranty allowed to make sure that you don’t incur a loss through your investment in the netbook, notebook or even laptop.

In essence, cheap netbooks under $200 are there to ensure that no one is left when it comes to owning a laptop. Manufacturers now more than ever understand the pressures of the economy and are therefore willing to make their netbooks as affordable as possible to any person.