Cheap Pink Laptops – Budget Notebooks for Women

Cheap Pink Laptops

Every beautiful woman needs an equally gorgeous laptop so to speak. However meeting their high prices is often a major setback when it comes to acquiring one of these envied machines. You don’t need to worry though because as much as there is the undeniable issue of rising economy, you can easily get yourself one of these machines! There are many cheap pink laptops that can be found in the market today that you can use for whatever your needs are. Pink laptops as a fashion accessory are also very sleek and stylish. To create the perfect look you could always carry it in a pink laptop bag as well. However it is often said that pink laptops cost a lot more than there black counterparts due to the exclusivity of their specifically designed exteriors. While this may be true to some extent, it’s also true that there are some cool looking pink laptops that have very affordable prices out there so even if you are on a slim budget there are still a variety of options for you. What’s more, you could get them in varied shades of pink!

Samsung 300V5A A04

Going for a price of 339.99 Euros the Samsung 300V5A A04 is vividly stylish. It is characterized by a slim bezel display and it is much smaller and lighter without compromising on the screen size. This laptop has an Intel Pentium 950B processor type and a hard drive capacity of 500GB. It additionally has a maximum battery life of up to 7hours meaning you can work for long hours without getting worried about having to recharge the batteries. This laptop is equipped with an admirable 15.6 HD LED screen and a memory of up to 4GB. Its processor speed is 2.10GHz. Moreover the laptop is equipped with a Bluetooth connection. Other available features are VGA, HDMI ports, in-built microphone, a portal for an external mic and webcam. The fashionable modern design is accentuated with a premium finish.

Lenovo Z370

Among the cheap pink laptops to be put into consideration is the Lenovo Z370. This laptop is equipped with a 13.3 inch screen; Intel core i3 2330M processor and a 4GB RAM which provides sufficient space for storage of your files and documents. In addition it is equipped with a hard drive of 500GB. Lenovo Z370 pink laptop comes at an affordable price of 399.94 Euros. This is a pocket friendly price for all women looking to purchase a top value pink laptop. Moreover the laptop has a maximum of 5 hours battery life that makes it quite efficient when you need to work outdoors with limited power supply. Finally this laptop uses the windows home premium OS.


You can be able to purchase this laptop at a price of 568.13 Euros. This laptop comes with other admirable features like a sleek 14 inch screen, Intel core i3 processor with processing speed of 2.30GHz. Moreover it is equipped with a hard drive of 500GB and a 4GB RAM. What’s even more is that it has a webcam, Bluetooth and it also uses the Windows Home Premium OS. Concisely this is one of the cheap pink laptops that is worth your money.

There are many more exclusive laptops you could consider. You only have to carry out a thorough research to find one that meets all your specifications and with the current technology you can easily do this online. You will be marveled by cool cheap pink laptops deals that are available in the market!