Cheap Reconditioned Fridge Freezers Online – Second Hand Reviews

Cheap reconditioned fridge freezers are a great way to get a high quality appliance at a fraction of the original price. Combined fridge freezers like the American style and freezer on top style are already known to save money on power and by preventing the need to buy a chest freezer – getting a reconditioned unit is a great way to increase these savings.

What ‘Reconditioned’ Entails

When an appliance is returned as faulty or when a damaged one is traded in it is usually sent off to be reconditioned by appliance mechanics. Any malfunctioning parts are replaced and the appliance is cleaned, serviced and given a full inspection. Once it has been determined to be in good working order it is made available for re-sale at a discount.

What Are the Advantages of Buying Reconditioned Appliances?

There are three major advantages to buying a reconditioned appliance. The first is that each repaired item is covered by a new warranty so that if it breaks down you can have it repaired or get your money back. The second benefit is that these appliances are heavily discounted. The third advantage is that you are buying a recycled machine, which is great for the environment and for the overall economy.

Both New and Used Appliances are Available Reconditioned

Reconditioned fridge freezers and other appliances aren’t just old and used models; many almost new models have faults and are subsequently repaired and offered for sale. These newer models typically come from warranty claims and usually look brand new. They simply may have had a manufacturing fault or some other underlying damage, which has been repaired. Older models that are repaired for resale are usually from trade ins or sales or even from scrap collection where pieces are taken from one unit to be put on another. While older, these units are usually in good condition and full working order.

Are They Still Covered by Warranty?

The specific warranty will vary depending on the item and where it was reconditioned. Typically they are given shorter warranties to cover any mistakes the mechanics may have made to protect the buyer. Sometimes they will have longer warranties, particularly when it was repaired by the manufacturer or one of it’s contractors. Regardless of warranty, if it does not work the first time you use it you are entitled to your money back under law.

The Best Places to Look For Cheap Reconditioned Combined Fridge Freezers

You have a few options when it comes to sourcing a cheap reconditioned fridge freezer and each option has it’s positives and negatives. The best one for you will depend on availability in your area and your needs.

Repaired Appliance Outlets: If you happen to have one of these retailers within driving distance then these are a great choice, especially for reconditioned secondhand appliances. You can save a lot of money by shopping for your fridge freezer here and you should still be able to pick up a great, reliable unit.

Reconditioning eSellers: There are quite a few online sellers of repaired white goods where you can grab a cheap fridge freezer. Costs from online sellers are typically less than through other sellers but freight can reduce this benefit. It is recommended that you opt for sellers who offer free or combined freight on appliances.

Manufacturers and Their Contractors: A lot of manufacturers prefer to keep their stock in-house if it is faulty and to have it repaired themselves either by their own team or by a team of contractors. What is good about this for the customer is that the manufacturers are willing to provide a guarantee of the workmanship on their repaired items so that there is little risk in buying from them. What is bad about this, however, is that they are usually more expensive than the other sellers, sometimes even coming close to retail price.

What Else to Consider When Buying a Cheap Reconditioned Fridge Freezer

Size – It’s a good idea to measure the area that you intend to put the unit in before you head out to buy. This will help you decide on whether you will be looking at American or European style fridge freezers.

Warranty – Depending on how long you intend to keep your ‘new’ appliance you may or may not need a long warranty or guarantee. If you are confident that it is only temporary then you may want to consider a short warranty to save money on your cheap reconditioned fridge freezer.