Cheap Refurbished Dyson Vacuum Cleaners

Are you looking for cheap refurbished Dyson vacuum cleaners? In this article I’ll discuss several places you can find one and highlight some things you’ll want to be sure to look out for to make sure you don’t get a vacuum that isn’t properly refurbished.

Dyson makes some very cool, and very effective, vacuum cleaners. We’ve all seen the commercials with the quirky foreign guy who started Dyson, James Dyson. They don’t use bags and they claim that their cyclone technology produces much greater suction power than the average vacuums. The warranty on new vacuums from Dyson is 5 years on uprights and canisters and 2 years on handheld vacuums. This drops to 6 months on refurbished vacuums so be aware of that.

Dyson has several refurbished units on their website, or “remanufactured” as they call them. The selection varies so if you don’t see one you like be sure to check back regularly to see what they have. As of the time of this writing there are 4 different models available on the Dyson website at

In addition to just purchasing directly from Dyson, there are several other retailers available. usually has at least a few models available, as do smaller sites like and

Another well-known site that has an entire Dyson section is You can get new, used and refurbished units from Amazon and many of them have free shipping available. After looking through many of the models, it looks like new models are 7-8% below the prices on and the used and refurbished units can be had much cheaper than that.

For example, the Dyson DC25 Ball Upright starts at $464 for new, $320 currently for used and $359 for refurbished units. The MSRP for this vacuum is $499!

Like most other items that I buy, you can almost always get them cheaper online than elsewhere, and vacuums are no exception. Check out the Dyson website, Overstock or Amazon and find the right vacuum to fit your needs and budget. I’m confident that between these three sites you can definitely find cheap refurbished Dyson vacuum cleaners.