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Cheap Refurbished Handheld GPS


Are you looking for a cheap refurbished handheld GPS? Well there are a lot of options out there! In this article, I’ll highlight some of the more popular current models and outline some pros and cons of each.

Finding a GPS unit refurbished can be somewhat challenging as often refurbished electronics of any type are not consistently stocked items. By that I mean retailers will sell a batch of refurbished products they acquired and then they may not have that particular product in stock again for quite a while, if ever.

So to find the exact refurbished GPS unit you want may definitely take some patience. The purpose of my reviews here are to educate you and help you decide which unit is best for you and then you can begin to keep an eye out for a refurbished unit of that model.

Here are my top choices for currently available handheld GPS:

  • Garmin Legend H Handheld GPS Navigator – This is a great little device with a very reasonable price. Currently going for around $100, it features a waterproof case, USB interface for faster map downloads, 24MB of internal memory which is plenty for maps, waypoints, routes, etc. It has a high contrast, black and white 2.4 inch LCD display.
  • Garmin eTrex Venture HC GPS Receiver – Another great offering from Garmin. It currently is selling for around $120 and features a 1.7 by 1.3 inch 256 color screen. It also has USB for faster downloads and the same 24MB of memory as the unit above. The eTrex includes Mapsource Trip & Waypoint Manager Software as well.
  • Magellan eXplorist GC Waterproof Geocaching GPS – Garmin does tend to dominate this market, but this unit from Magellan is outstanding as well. This model is meant for geocaching and has a rugged, waterproof case. Also features a large 2.2 inch full color screen which is meant to be read in direct sunlight. It directly connects to the User Community to allow you to easily send locations to the GPS, create and sync pocket queries, and upload field notes. It is also preloaded with the most popular geocaches in the world.

Currently, the eTrex and the eXplorist have refurbished units available, but they may have changed by the time you read this. But like I said above, shop around, find the unit you want, and then you can either wait to find it refurbished or purchase it new or used immediately. Hopefully I’ve helped you out in your search for cheap refurbished handheld GPS units!

Cheap Refurbished Handheld GPS
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