Cheap Refurbished Small Appliances

Are you looking for cheap refurbished small appliances? They can be a great way to save money over buying new. The question is where to find them? It’s often difficult, if not impossible to find refurbished items at local stores. So your best bet is to look for them online. In this article I’ll point you to some great sites for finding refurbished small appliances and highlight some of the better deals I came across while doing my research.

A search for refurbished appliances can bring back a lot of garbage results. But two of the sites that regularly have items like this that I’ve used a lot and trust are and Both are very well-known and have a lot of merchandise. I don’t think you can go wrong shopping at either site, but it my experience Amazon has a more consistent selection whereas Overstock’s items come and go over time.

Regardless of where you end up shopping, be sure to do your research. Unfortunately, refurbished can mean different things to different manufacturers so depending on what you’re looking for you’ll want to be sure you’re satisfied with how that company refurbishes their items. Also be sure to note what kind of warranty the company offers on their refurbished goods. 90 days seems to be pretty standard, so if it’s anything lower than that you may want to be wary of that brand.

Here’s a few examples of refurbished items on Amazon and what kind of savings you can expect over buying new. Just as an FYI, Amazon calls most of their items “reconditioned” rather than refurbished so be aware of that as you look through them.

Waring JEX328FR Health Juice Extractor – Here’s a great example of the kind of savings you can expect. This juicer retails for $150, but the factory-reconditioned unit is currently selling for $34.99 which is a pretty remarkable savings of 77%.

Breville XXBOV650XL Compact Smart Oven – Another example of the savings with refurbished units. New these sell for $229.99, but the factory reconditioned unit is currently going for $119.99.

The final example is the Cuisinart CBT-500FR Brushed Stainless Power Blender. Refurbished is $99.99 versus the new price of $185.00.

As you can see there are some amazing deals to be had when you buy refurbished. Be sure to check out the warranty and obviously reviews on the product you’re considering and you should be very happy buying cheap refurbished small appliances.