Cheap Sectional Sofas Under 300 Dollars

Where to Get Inexpensive Sectional Sofas Under $300?

Are you on the hunt for a cheap sectional sofa under 300 dollars for sale? Well they aren’t all that common (as you probably have realized most come in way over the $500 mark), but they do exist. However, you are a lot more limited in your options and you can’t be overly picky with regards to what style & size you want — especially if you are after a brand new sectional sofa. However, below is a range of cheap sectional sofas under 300 dollars that are considered to be top quality, especially given their price and in all offer excellent value for money. Hopefully, one will at least take your fancy.

LexMod Waverunner Sectional Couch

This small LexMod heavily discounted sectional couch comes in at just under 300 dollars. It takes on a laxed foam cushioning (ground level density) and based on a solid wooden frame which is then covered with a light gray ‘easy care’ comfortable microfiber. It is designed to work perfectly into a living room or lounge area and is suitable to most people’s decor — where as you can see from the image it balances ‘functional symmetry’. A great little sectional sofa for those shopping on a budget.

Dimensions: 36 by 36 by 26 inches.

Contemporary & ‘Comfortable’ Sectional Sofa

This sofa is one of my personal favorites and comes at a very cheap price of just $280. As you can see it is a light gary 3 piece ‘Kilck Klack’ sofa set, designed for the modern studio or apartment.

‘Dimensions: 98 ‘x 98′- Seat 29′ Deep – 31′ High’

It also doubles up as a sleeper sofa, so you can have someone stay around & sleep rather comfortably. The sofa’s framework is constructed from solid wood & is also based on sturdy wood based legs.

Bobkona Leather Small Sectional Sofa

A very compact sectional from Home Fashion products is this Boboka espresso leather sofa, that is literally perfect for those needing a small couch for a little conservatory or living room area. Based on a hardwood frame construction with wedge like shaping with wooden block feet. It is also very cheap at under 250 dollars. Awesome value for the money.

You will struggle to find new larger sectional sofas within your budget, but if you are prepared to sacrifice condition a bit and don’t mind them being second hand, it is definitely possible. Check out the 3 piece wheat Huntington on the left for instance. You can buy it used but still in very good condition from a third party seller (through amazon).

You can find a whole range of cheap sectional sofas under 300 dollars.

From the range featured, hopefully you have found a decent inexpensive sectional sofa within budget or at the least got a better idea as to what you are after. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the showcase overview of cheap sectional sofas under 300 dollars then please make them below (e.g. with regards to any of the sectional couches featured) and we will get back to you as soon as possible.