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Cheap Sectional Sofas Under 500 Dollars

Where to Get Inexpensive Sectional Sofas Under $500?

If you are searching for cheap sectional sofas under 500 dollars for sale, then you actually have a lot of options available to you (although it might not seem it at first, with a lot of sectionals being a fair bit over $500) — all in a range of different styles & sizes (e.g. large, small, modern). It is all about just knowing where to look, so that you can find the perfect sofa for your lounge. Below, we are going to check out some very popular & high quality yet still cheap sectional sofas under 500 dollars for you to browse through — as well as where to target your search for where you are more likely to find quality sectional within budget.

Bobkona Manhattan Reversible Sectional Sofa

You can get yourself this stylish small sectional sofa well within budget at just over $300. The contemporary Bobkona is available in a range of colors (see here for more) based on a ultra smooth microfiber (with ‘high quality poly-fiber inner filling’) and is built for those who just want a small sectional sofa to be almost tucked away — like in a little den scenario.

It is very easy to put together upon arrival, simply open the packaging and you could ‘put it together’ in under 30 minutes. As said, it is also reversible left & right chaise. You also get the two pillows as well seen above as well as the luxury faux fur ottoman. Not a bad cheap three piece sectional sofa for sale under 500 dollars at all.

Versatile Stylish 2 Piece Sectional Sofa

With this sofa you have a huge range of different styles and colors to choose from: saddle, pebble, hazelnut, navy, mushroom, chocolate, sage and so on — so you are bound to find at least one you fancy the look of and they are all cheap sectional sofas under 500 dollars (prices vary a little bit depending on color though).

On the left is chocolate, and is a sleek two piece Trenton sofa based with a love seat (doesn’t come with the package) and 3 seater sofa, so pretty large. You can see that it is built on a hardwood frame with associated leather covering. You are also provided with color matching pillows as well. In all, a fantastic range on offer here, all within budget.

Benford 3-Piece Large Sectional Sofa

Again, this sectional sofa has a reversible design so you can place the ‘added’ sectional either on the right or left, which ever fits best to your room layout.

‘Better than expected!’, ‘Worth the value price’.

This is a black ash sofa that is meant for a large living area to be based around a table & rug of some kind. Design wise it takes on a ‘bold presence’ combining modern sleek lines with practical comfort. Leather has been integrated to ensure durability (particularly with added seam strength). The picture doesn’t quite do it justice, it is a lot better than it looks and at such a cheap price — you are getting a quality piece of sectional furniture. By no means will you be disappointed, it is easily my favorite piece of the lot featured — so at least check it out.

Modern Upholstered Sectional Sleeper Sofa

Combining practicality and style, this Home Life sectional is perfect for those of the younger generation living in apartment or flat looking for a cheap sectional sofa that offers a tonne of value. Colors vary from grey, orange, purple and beige and as you can see are based on sturdy wooden legs.

As said it doubles up as a sleeper sofa, so if you have friends to stay around, they can kick back on your klick klak sofa and go to sleep. It really does come at a truly ‘unbeatable price too’ due to the discount placed on it. Dimensions: 98 x 98 with the seat at 29 inches. Awesome value for money.

You can find a whole range of cheap sectional sofas under 500 dollars.

Hopefully you have found or will find your ideal inexpensive sectional couch and within budget — it really is a unique looking and practical furniture piece that adds a greater aspect of social inducement that having two separate sofas. Also, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the overview of cheap sectional sofas under 500 dollars (e.g. about any of the furniture featured) then please make them below.

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