Cheap Spray Foam Installation Kits

Proficient yet Cheap Spray Foam Installation Kits: What Should You Look For?

The use of spray foam insulations is already very cost-effective due to its energy efficiency abilities but finding proficient and cheap spray foam installation kits is not that easy. It was in the year 1970’s when spray foams were introduced in the market. For decades, professional help is imperative in order to effectively install these foams. However, as of today, do it yourself (DIY) methods for installing foam insulations have become a popular trend for home owners. This is primarily because through insulation kits, an approximate 30% of energy bills are reduced without the hassle of expensive installation expenditures. With that, what should you look for in a cheap spray foam insulation kit that would ensure proficiency?

What are spray foam installation kits?

Basically, cheap spray foam installation kits are highly recommended for homeowners who know and prefer the DIY methods of foam installation. A typical kit contains two tanks that contain chemicals forming the foam, gloves, goggles, hoses, nozzles and spray gun. In addition, a manual indicating the complete installation processes procedures is also provided. A polyurethane spray foam kit can be purchased for an approximate price of $1,369.

This kit is good for small sized projects. It can cover a space with an approximate 12 square feet with 1 inch as the foam’s thickness. Before purchasing a kit, you should be able to consider some important factors that would determine its proficiency. Thus, the question what should you look for in a cheap spray foam kits is imperative if you want the best product available.

Factors to consider in purchasing spray foam kits

  • Size of the project – There are two sizes when it comes to spray foam kits. You can either opt for small or large kits. Large kits are typically used in insulating attics, walls and floor. It would be enough to cover an area of 200 square feet. If you’re doing a large-scale project, you may need several tanks to cover the whole area. It would be best if you look for retailers that provide bulk discounts to lessen your expenses.
  • Type of foam – Another important factor to consider is the type of foam. You should look for foam kits that have a high percentage of closed cell rating. This may cost you more compared to regular foams. However, this type of spray foam is very energy efficient. In addition, polyurethane spray foam is also highly recommended since it provides higher R value.
  • Fire rating – You should also look for a foam that has a high fire evaluation that has passed or exceeded specifications for building codes of your locality. This will not only ensure safety but it is also necessary for homeowner’s insurance and building requirements.
  • Complete packaged – Looking for kits that are complete with every material mentioned earlier is necessary. Preferably, you should also look for a kit that contains 10 feet long hoses, both fan and nose nozzles, pressurized tanks and of course all necessary safety equipments. Furthermore, you have to purchase high quality respirator to protect you from inhaling these chemicals.

With this information, insulating your homes in a DIY manner can be easily and properly installed using efficient yet cheap spray foam installation kits.