Cheap Superstructs Building Sets Even Adults Can't Resist

A New Twist On An Old Toy

Here is a great concept for a new toy that is almost like those building sets you got to play with when you were a kid. These are called Superstructs, a rod and connector style construction set that every little boy and even little girls will just love!

They are made of safe, durable EVA foam panels and they will pop between the rods and joints and have the most adorable and fun characters your kids will go crazy over! These are award winning toys!

These Superstructs are made sturdy and the characters have wide arms and hands that can even grasp. You can build ships, buildings, vehicles and more.

The above is the Wacky Machines building set that has over 170 plastic pieces. It includes some large gears and you can build like 7 models from it. Of course it has some easy instructions included. Kids will get lost in the fascination of these building sets.

Of course, you can combine this with a lot of other Superstructs building sets too.

Imagine building something like this with your child or even better, imagine letting them loose with a few of these building sets? You could get your whole house cleaned by the time they finished playing with these remarkable sets.

A couple who bought a building set online said in their review that they spent hours on the floor with their child building things like a clock, a lawn mower and even a car. They also made up a bunch of their own little contraptions. They felt the building sets taught their child how to build things, like gears and wheels.

The age group is about 3 and up and you can just buy a starter set at first and then perhaps each birthday or holiday, add another set or buy a bunch and go wild. These building sets are affordable and I’ve found some online at