Cheap Torque Wrenches for Sale

If you are a home mechanic that wants to save as much money as possible by doing as much work on your vehicle as possible, then picking out the right torque wrenches for your garage is going to be a high priority.

I can’t think of a garage that I’ve ever been in that didn’t have a good set. This is a very important tool, so picking out the right ones should be taken seriously. You don’t want an engine mounting bolt coming loose because you picked an inferior product.

That may cost you thousands in the long run. Something like changing your tire may seem very basic, but remember that you have 5 lug nuts holding it in place, and each nut should have the same amount of torque applied to help keep the wheel in place. This is just one example of how important the right torque wrench is.

One thing you should always look for when buying a torque wrench is if it comes with a certification of calibration. A torque wrench is only half of what it could be if it’s not calibrated right. This is what helps determine if you have the right amount of torque applied to whatever it is that you’re fastening down.

A common mistake that is made when you have to “guess” whether you have the right amount of pressure applied to a nut or bolt is they end up stripped because you tried to apply too much pressure.

So buying one that isn’t calibrated in order to save some money doesn’t really do that if you have to take time and money to replace stripped bolts. Mentioned below are a few of the brands that sell quality, precision tools that should offer you good deals.

Craftsman is a trusted brand name that has been around for ages and is not only trusted but comes highly recommended. Their quality doesn’t seem to be at the same level as it used to be, but it’s still top notch.

Some people complain that their calibrations have been starting to be off by a tad. A little bit off may not seem like a big deal, but Craftsman has a reputation for being a trusted brand, and in this highly competitive field you don’t want to tell consumers that you offer the best when you don’t.

Otherwise, a company like Matco might soon take over Craftsman’s position at the top. Matco makes some good, solid tools and there’s not a lot of complaints, if any, that their torque wrenches aren’t calibrated perfectly.

Snap On tools have really been starting to move up in the ranks by being consistent with the quality of their tools in general, and their torque wrenches in particular.

Their price range is up there, but if you’re someone who makes money doing automotive work, then the snap-on brand is a good investment to make. One possible reason as to why they have so many quality products is that they’ve bought out a lot of other companies through the years and incorporated all of their products and ideas into their own.