Cheap Tough Dog Toys Online

Have you ever gone to the pet store and bought a great item that you thought would be so darn tough for your dog that you didn’t mind throwing the money down for it? Then, you got it home and the dog shreds it in 10.1 seconds? How many times has that happened to you? I think every single dog owner has gone through that at one time or another.

One of my favorite places to shop, has a variety of cheap tough dog toys online so you can shop at your convenience and not even leave home. They aren’t that expensive, not like the pet shops that have to charge all that overhead to sell their wares. Here are a few that I’ve found to be tough dog toys. The silly dinosaur dental chew below is made by Nylabone.Cheap Tough  Dog Toys Online

The dinosaur is designed for very powerful chewers up to 50 lbs. It even has some rounded nubs and bristles that are raised up so it will help to clean the doggies teeth. A good, affordable buy!

Cheap Tough  Dog Toys Online

The above is by JW Pet Company The spiral design is made from a natural rubber that can be tugged and pulled and chewed on and then it will bounce back into shape. You design makes it easy to stuff this with doggie strips or rawhide creating lots of busy time for any size dog. It is a great teething toy for your new puppy too.

The Kong Ball below is supposed to be one tough durable ball. I can attest for these because I have a GSD and he can’t destroy it too easily! This one is great for outdoor use and Made in the USA!

You can find cheap tough dog toys online at Amazon and it won’t break the bank!

Cheap Tough  Dog Toys Online