Cheap Unique Shoes: A Fashion Saver

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Cheap Unique Shoes

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Being fashionable doesn’t really mean wearing extravagant items; cheap unique shoes can be a great alternative for your footwear collection. Although, the debate between cheap VS expensive shoe has yet to be established, living an extravagant life today is a dream for most. In a world where economic crisis has become a lifelong burden, wearing infamous brands of fashionable items is the least priority. Some say they opt for expensive shoes because it can out-live you. But, if you’re actually following trends, fashion statements change faster than you can purchase it. So why opt for cheap unique shoes?

Shoe pricing

There are several factors that contribute to how shoes are priced by both manufacturers and retailers. In most cases, these factors are reasonable. However, not all prices today are justifiable.

Materials – The material used is a vital component in pricing. Synthetic materials such as plastic and rubber would cost less compared to leather and other animal skin materials. Secondary materials such as glue or nylon stitches and added embellishments also play an important role when it comes to durability and price.

Labor costs – Shoes that are hand-stitched would costs more compared to those that are glued. In this concept, durability counts. It is reasonable to purchase hand-crafted shoes at a higher price. Beside from that production expenditures are also added in the product pricing. That is why bulk orders would costs less compared to personalized and individually sold shoes.

Designer and brand – When it comes to design, it takes a lot of time to conceptualize a perfect product. Where it is a comfort, quality and style all in one shoe. And that’s what branded shoes offer. Aside from that, marketing costs such as advertising fees are also included. When it comes to branded products, you are actually paying for the “brand name” rather than the product itself. The problem incurred by infamous shoe companies is that imitations have become popular today which costs less. Nonetheless, numerous people still tend to purchase a $300 shoe or more because of the power of media and advertisements.

Basing from these three factors, you can discern if a retailer’s price is fair or not. Some prefer buying straight from the manufacturers rather than retailers because it’s less expensive. As for most cheap unique shoes today, they are made of quality materials and unique designs. With proper care, they can actually last long. Disregarding the brand and designers fee, you can feel comfortable and look fashionable with more money to spare.

Where to buy inexpensive yet unique shoes?

You can buy cheap unique shoes, from online shops to thrift shops. It’s a matter of finding the right retailer. Online shops would be the hardest to find especially in terms of quality. This is the most common problem since experienced by most buyers you won’t be able to inspect the product. Even so, some trusted retailers are still available. Here are some of the most recommended websites that offer inexpensive shoes;, and

As for other types of shops your best bet in finding unique shoes is through thrift shops. Wal-Mart is one of the least expensive shops. However, their products are mass produced. If you really want cheap unique shoes, DSW is highly recommended.

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Cheap Unique Shoes: A Fashion Saver, Seekyt
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