Cheap Used Segway Scooters For Sale

Are you looking for cheap new or used Segway scooter for sale? Searching where to buy a Segway scooter with discounted and cheap price? If yes, then you stopped on the right place. Here will share with you compiled listed of cheap used or new Segway scooter reviews. 

Best Used Segway Scooter for Sale – Segway XT All Terrain

The rugged Segway XT is a self-balancing human transporter that offer great performance on variety riding experiences including off-road terrain, wood ride or racing. The Segway XT designed with wider track for stability improvement even on those hard bumpy ground such as sand, grass,gravel and pavement. It’s features with safety to protect the rider from debris and safeguard during turns. As it’s like other human transporter, the XT model come with unique balancing technology that let rider to lean forward to go. Check out more detail of Segway XT All Terrain here!

Cheap Segway Scooter For Sale – Segway i2 Human Transporter

The Segway i2 is an eco-friendly and versatile human urban transporter. It’s features with advanced control handle, adjustable height, status indicator and exclusive balance indicator that provide travel speeds up to 24 miles per single battery charges, depending on terrain, payload and riding style . Have a quick glance of Segway i2 Scooter for more detail.

Beside the Segway i2 also come with:

  • regenerative energy system
  • 2 wheel mounted mottors
  • solid durability tires 

If you can’t find what you been searching for, you can check out here for much larger selection of Segway Personal Transporter (PT) scooter here!