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Cheap Yard Signs Free Shipping

Cheap yard signs can be easily purchased over the Internet and many websites also provide free shipping as well. Although it is cheaper to produce your own signs if you have artistic abilities, signs produced by hand or printed from your computer often do not look professional and are not as appealing to the typical passerby. Whether you are trying to find cheap custom yard signs, cheap political signs, cheap real estate signs, or cheap business yard signs, having a visible and clean yard sign can make all the difference. In addition to a well-made yard sign, the location is also as equally important. If staked near a street with heavy traffic, your message can be viewed by thousands of people everyday. Below, I will give you tips on how you can find cheap yard signs with free shipping.

Cheap Yard Signs

You can easily find tons of high quality, low priced yard signs if you know where to look. Most of these signs are made of corrugated plastic, poster board, aluminum, or poly bag material. All these materials are made to withstand wind, rain, sleet and snow. Obviously, yard signs made out of aluminum last the longest, but are also the most expensive. You do not need to spend so much money buying an aluminum sign unless you need one that will last for many years. If you go to VictoryStore.com, you will be able to find tons of different types of cheap yard posters to suit your very needs. This company has sold over 10 million yard signs and makes great quality yard posters. At the time of this writing, their poly bag and poster board yard signs come with free ground shipping. Victory Store is a great place to start if you are looking for cheap yard signs that come with free shipping.

Cheap Yard Sign Stakes and Frames

It is important to realize that you will also need to purchase stakes and frames in order to properly support your yard signs. Often times, the same place that makes your signs, will also ship stakes as well. This removes a lot of headache from having to buy them separately. There are different types of stakes depending on size and material. Stakes can be made of wire or metal. Also keep in mind that stakes that are left out in the rain for too long can rust, and degrade the yard sign. In order to prevent this from happening, it is wise to coat the stake in oil or wax to prevent water from damaging it. Amazon has a great selection of sturdy “H” frame wire stakes for corrugated yard signs.

Order in Bulk

Remember that when you are purchasing signs, ordering in bulk will help you dramatically cut down costs. Of course, if you are hoping to purchase a home security yard sign or a real estate yard sign, you really only need one or two signs. However, if you are working for a political campaign or a large business and you want to spread the word, buying in bulk is the way to go. For example, one sign could cost 10 dollars to purchase, however the same sign will only cost 2 dollars if you purchase one hundred of them.

Ask for Free Shipping

Companies that produce cheap yard signs are often small businesses that rely heavily on word of mouth. They take customer service seriously and know that a satisfied customer will most likely tell his friend or become a repeat customer. If you are purchasing a large amount of yard signs, I suggest you call up the company and ask them if they can provide free shipping. Often times, they will oblige considering the fact that you are a valued customer who has given them a good chunk of their business. Keep in mind that this tactic doesn’t work all the time, but if it does, it can save you quite a bit of money.

Things to Consider

With the advent of the Internet, comparing the prices and offers of different companies has become easier than before. This gives more power to the consumers and makes the companies more willing to fulfill our needs. Through careful research and following the tips outlined above, you can definitely find cheap yard signs that come with free shipping.

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