Cheapest Firm Hold Hairsprays

The cheapest firm hold hairsprays are found mostly in dollar stores and drugstores. These hairsprays, in some circles, are referred to as drugstore hairsprays. Keep in mind, however, that there are also cheap salon hairsprays. Well, some cheaper than others, but they will never be as cheap as ones in drugstores and dollar stores. Let’s first get into the cheapest firm hold hairsprays found in dollar stores that I have used and indeed deliver firm hold.

The absolute cheapest firm hold hairspray that I use on a consistent basis is White Rain. It is an aerosol and price is only $ 1. That’s right, I said $1 and that is about as cheap as you can get. The only tiny issue I have with it is that the nozzle gets clogged easy, but for a $1 what the heck, all you have to do is run hot water on it and it’s good to go. By the way, I get it at the Dollar General where I buy most all of my cheap hair care products.

Just so that you know I am a hairstylist and use salon hair products as well. I alternate them, so that there isn’t much buildup, but when I do get build up I use a clarifying shampoo and bye bye build up. That said, another excellent cheap hairspray is Aqua Net Super Extra Hold it’s a bit higher priced at $2. My third choice is Suave Unscented Extreme Hold also $2. Lastly, for $3 I love Garnier Anti-Humidity Ultra Strong Hold and those are my top 4 cheapest firm hold hairsprays.

As mentioned above, I alternate cheap drugstore hairsprays with a few not so cheap salon hairsprays. But before I get into those I’m going to give you a quick tip on how to make your most expensive hairsprays last longer. What you do is immediately after drying the hair, spray hair with your best hairspray, before you curl it or do anything. Curl or style as usual then switch to the cheaper hairspray then back to the high end spray at the finish.

A combination of the two hairsprays, using the cheapest one the most, will save you money and the hair is no worse for the wear. Salon hairsprays not only cost more, but are harder to find, so you not only save money on hair products you save on gas as well.

Finally, here are three top of the line salon firm hold hairsprays to alternate with cheaper ones. Vavoom Freezing Spray by Matrix ($12) is my favorite and when I alternate it with some of my cheapest firm hold hairsprays a can will last me a year or more and that’s no lie.

Catwalk Your Highness Firm Hold by Tigi is another excellent high end hair spray priced at $13. Sebastian Shaper Mega Hold is my third choice, also $13.

There you have it some of the best and cheapest firm hold hairsprays on the market.

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