Cheating and being controlling

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Cheating and trust in a relationship are huge issue. If there is cheating and/or no trust then there is no relationship. Some people just don’t seem to get this. We see those people on cops, news, and reality TV acting like idiots. Someone gave their spouse the wrong look or said something too nice and then a fight is on. Sadly there are thousands of more cases that we don’t hear about.

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If you can not trust your spouse to be faithful then there is no point in having a relationship. It is not the person tempting a significant other who is at fault. Temptations are everywhere. It is up to the person being tempted to act or not. Couples should be able to fully trust their significant other or spouse to do the right thing and not give into temptation.

Trust is one of the main components that make strong last relationships. Some people can have a hard time trusting because they have been hurt in the past but that person needs to learn to trust for the relationship to last. Counseling would be the best option to help them come to terms with trusting again.

Once someone cheats there is a lost trust that is usually gone forever. A select few can rebuild that trust and have a happy ending but this is very rare. Trust is fragile like glass. Once broken it can’t be put back together the same. Even when the glass pieces are put back together they are not the same and left with holes.

Jealousy can be very evil. If your spouse acts and does things that are too flirtatious, then your spouse should be the one you talk to about their actions. You can not change your spouse into a new person. They are who they are. Calmly tell them why you dislike their actions. Remember they have a right to get upset. Stay calm and try to seek a solution together.

Rebuilding a relationship that has had a cheating issue will take time and lots of work. One spouse will be left worried when the other comes home late or accusing because they are afraid the cheating will happen again. The key to rebuilding a relationship is communication. A couple will need to openly communicate about everything with absolutely no secrets.

In the end if you feel that you can’t trust your spouse to be faithful then it is time to leave. You can love with all your heart, but all that love is worth nothing if you are not loved faithfully back. Fighting, go to jail, and be controlling just isn’t worth it. A relationship is meant to be happy, not sad and full of drama. Your spouse should be your best friend, the one person in the world who wouldn’t hurt or lie to you. Being together is the best thing in the world.

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