Cheating Couple photographed their fraudulent loot

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Nigerian born George Abrue, 30, an illegal immigrant cheated hundred of Britons. He sold them worthless shares.

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He and his wife spent the money on living a jet set lifestyle. They were travelling the world, bought luxury cars, and bought diamond jewels. When the City of London fraud detectives investigated their ‘boiler room’ share-selling scam, they raided their house. They had a £20million crime empire which they sammed out of decent people.

Abrue managed to set up one of Europe’s biggest share frauds. He registered several non-existing companies and persuaded thousands of elderly people to invest. Some victims lost as much as £850,000 which means they lost their house and savings. Abrue had a gang of several ‘Representatives’ on Tyne side.

His wife Sarah Robson managed a group called ‘English secretary’ and received £500,000 from victims over three years. She bought a house in Houghton-le-Spring, co Durham paying £120,000 by cash.

When the detectives raided the house they discovered Robson’s phone. She documented with photos everything they bought or spent money on. Cops revealed it was like treasure drove. DCI David Clark said: ‘When we found the mobiles, it was like hitting the jackpot..

‘One of the hardest things to prove with fraudsters is how their money was spent. But these people couldn’t resist documenting it all. That arrogance, greed and obsession with showing off their wealth was their downfall.’ Seven other were also sentenced because of money laundering and conspiracy to defraud.

Abrue, of Newcastle, received a sentence of five years after he confessed money-laundering and fraud. He was sentenced at the Newcastle Crown Court for five years in January. Unemployed Robson, 26, received a sentence for the same charges and at the same court for 21 months.

Again this was not a good enough prison sentence for a £20million defrauding people. They will come out when they served two-third of it for good behavior. They destroyed people and especially old people’s live. Fraud is such a cold blooded and callous crime. At least if these people could have got most of their money back but by the evidence they lived it up and spent most of it. Most properly when they come out they will again try another method to get hold of vulnerable people’s money.

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Cheating Couple photographed their fraudulent loot, Seekyt
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