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Check Some of the Common Copywriting Chestnuts!

Since, the game copywriting has become common, you can witness a cycle of similar buzzwords as if copywriting has been cloned with the same pop ups, expressions, buzzwords and styles forming damaging clichés that have further become clichés –containing a little of the truth. However, a little knowledge is dangerous! Below discussed are some of the most common copywriting chestnuts, witnessed over the years.

1. Headline:

“A well begun is half done”, Very true! When it comes to setting up a webpage, an intriguing heading is a must. It helps in identifying whether to go the whole page or not. A compelling headline will drag a reader to scan the whole content till the end. Spending time in crafting a nice headline and sub-heading is the application to win customers. Say for instance, there are a lot of smart people who look for shortcuts. Cost-cutting tips for a trip to Dubai, will win countless hits. If a reader is a keen traveller, there is no way he would skip.

2. Clarity:

Being clear is more readable than being clever while writing. Yep, it’s absolutely true! Clarity is one of the most important elements to win readers till the end. If you are applying a clever rephrase, make sure it is understandable. Or else, your reader would quit thinking it’s not exactly he’s looking for. Function over form means staying very direct and clear while writing; you can be tricky and clear at the same time, great fun!

3. Additions:

Last minute addition is a headache. But you can’t turn it down because your publisher or client have asked for it. If it is something you can’t mingle with the original content, never go for rewriting to add it. Rewriting will lead to further rewriting and you may end up skipping the true essence which is important when we require translating English to French. Put the new information with a new headline and a different text box to highlight it. Save time!

4. Internet Users:

Have you ever thought of how you read an e-book? I did and I was hardly reading it. It looked a chore to me and I skipped a few chunks and reached the end-thinking mission accomplished! Internet users tend to scan the copy rather than moving word to word. Upper left and lower right are the main areas readers usually focus on. So keeping the main points in upper left quadrant and lower right quadrant, in between sub heading, statistical graphs and bullets will engage readers till the end.

5. Recaps:

Tell your readers what you want to tell them, repeat your main points in the main content, rephrase them as a recap and let the end tell it too. Recaps will drill your ideology and will pass it on quickly. This worked previously and still works.

6. Let the reader decide:

You must learn when to leave the stage! You have put recaps and have written enough for readers to know. Never describe the after affects and pass any judgment over it. Add jargons to relate to it directly. If you think you need to translate a phrase, seek help from a professional translation agency in Dubai for some of the best Arabic language Translators in Dubai.

7. Talk and talk more:

Write as if you are talking to your readers and have an open conversation with me. But when it comes to a business plan, be formal and very direct towards it. While discussing over other issues, you can personalize your conversational tone to connect to your readers.
The above-mentioned are a few copywriting cliché, if you have anything to add to it, feel free to comment.

Read this article to know some of the popular copywriting clichés. Read further to know how to handle them.

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